Thursday, December 24, 2015

Fountain Pen & Ink Favorites 2015

A quick wrap up for the year, since surely you're all doing better things than reading this. I have no life. Thanks for joining me for another year, here on the blog, and on social media. It's been quite a ride, hasn't it? Let's make 2016 inky and great, shall we?

So many of you wonderful readers have requested a round up of my favorites, so here's some things I reviewed this year that I hopelessly love.

What are your favorites for the year? Are they new favorites, old favorites, and favorites with staying power?

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!

OMAS Arte Italiana Paragon - Arco Celluloid Fountain Pen

A large, gorgeous pen, maybe too flashy for everyone, and the metal section isn't for everyone either. Aside from the beautiful celluloid, I absolutely love the 18KT gold nib on this - it's a fine, and it's one of the best, most pleasant fine nibs I've ever used. I wouldn't part with this one because of the nib alone. This is the second fine Paragon nib I've used that has been absolutely delightful. 

Review Omas Arte Italiana Arco Celluloid Paragon @PenChalet (10)

OMAS Arte Italiana Milord - Arco Celluloid Fountain Pen

This one came before the Paragon, but the celluloid is the same - equally beautiful. The 18KT gold nib here is a broad and it's super, super juicy, and somewhat stubby. The celluloid section feels wonderful in hand and it's smaller than the Paragon, which  makes it a bit easier for me to use. 

Review: OMAS Arte Italiana Milord Fountain Pen - Broad @PenChalet @OMASsrl @OMASPensUK

OMAS Ogiva Vodka Lemon Cocktail Fountain Pen

I really like clear pens, and aside from the faceted shape of the barrel, which makes this one extra appealing, the 18KT gold stub nib is amazing - super juicy, very wonderful line variation. I love it. I also love being able to see the ink inside. It's fun.

Review Omas Ogiva Cocktail Fountain Pen - Stub @Omas_Official (14)

Namiki Yukari Nightline Moonlight Fountain Pen

This is an expensive pen, but I'm completely in love with it. I'd never part with this one, ever. It's the perfect size for me. It's so comfortable, it warms in my grip, and it glows (as you can see). The medium nib is flawless. No skips, no hard starts, perfect for every day writing. It keeps up without issue, and I cannot get over the finish. Love.

Review Namiki Yukari Nightline Moonlight Fountain Pen @CouronneDuComte (10)

The following inks are ones I reviewed this year. Some I've used since I started in the fountain pen world, and others I've only used since this year. They're all inks I wish I could have around forever. I love these inks for their colors, shading, sheen, and pop. I like inks. 

Diamine SBREBrown

I'm biased, but I love this ink because it's warm and pretty, shades well, and I helped pick the color. 

Ink Shot Review SBREBrown Ink @sbrebrown (4)

Ink Shot Review Sailor Bung-Box 4B Blue Black @bungbox (6)

Ink Shot Review Sailor Bung Box Sapphire @bungbox (6)

Ink Shot Review Montblanc Meisterstuck Blue Hour Twilight Blue (10)

Ink Shot Review Aurora Black @BertramsInkwell  (6)


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