Friday, March 25, 2016

@Kickstarter: The Timber Twist Bullet Pencil @MetalShop5

After a successful campaign on Kickstarter in 2014 with the Twist Bullet Pencil, Metal Shop and Huckleberry Woodchuck is back with a second take on that vintage bullet pencil - this time, the Timber Twist Bullet Pencil!

What is a bullet pencil? Read all about it here.

The Timber Twist uses the basic modular platform of the Twist, but has a machine milled, hand polished wood case. As with the original Twist Bullet Pencil, the Timber Twist will be loaded with the Blackwing 602 pencil.

The Timber Twist Bullet Pencil has two main parts:
1) the protective casing (body or tube) and
2) the bullet pencil holder, which securely holds a 2.5" pencil nub.

The bullet twists into the tube to protect the pencil point when not in use. When you need to write something down, you untwist the bullet, reverse it, and screw it into place. BOOM. You have a full length writing instrument.

Standard friction polish finish.

Natural finish. Sanded smooth without the friction polish process.

Three wood options:
Red Cedar - the lightest color
Mahogany - slightly darker with a reddish brown hint
Walnut - the darkest wood
@Kickstarter The Timber Twist Bullet Pencil @MetalShop5  (3)
All three wood options will be sanded. The primary finish will be a friction polish that creates a smooth sheen which brings out the natural beauty of the wood. Natural finish will also be available in the backer surveys. These bullet pencils work with existing bullet pencil components currently on the market, and they all come with Blackwing 602 Pencils (3) and two erasers.

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter
Ends April 13, 2016
Keep an eye out April 1st for something special!

Visit Metal Shop to see the original Twist Bullet Pencil, and all the other goodies you can get.
@Kickstarter The Timber Twist Bullet Pencil @MetalShop5  (1)

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