Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ink Shot Review: KWZ Ink Honey @Vanness1938

Thank you to a kind reader for sending this sample over! I'm officially smitten with this somewhat strange color, and I have used up my sample. Need a bottle.
Ink Shot Review KWZ Ink Honey @Vanness1938 (1)
Ink Shot Review KWZ Ink Honey @Vanness1938 (5)

Ink Shot Review KWZ Ink Honey @Vanness1938 (6)
Color: Gold (or brown?)
Bottle: 60 ml
Price: $12.00USD
Where to buy: Vanness Pen Shop
Ink Shot Review KWZ Ink Honey @Vanness1938 (2)
Ink Shot Review KWZ Ink Honey @Vanness1938 (7)
Ink Shot Review KWZ Ink Honey @Vanness1938 (8)
Ink Shot Review KWZ Ink Honey @Vanness1938 (3)

  • Beautiful, unique color.
  • Gorgeous shading.
  • Warm, looks great on yellow and white papers.
  • Well-behaved.
  • Bottle is easy to fill from.
  • Easy to clean from pens (assuming you don't let the ink dry out, but this applies to all inks).
Ink Shot Review KWZ Ink Honey @Vanness1938 (4)
  • Thank you to those who commented that you can order directly! You have to fill out an inquiry form of interest and send it to them, then wait for a reply. No direct purchase form. NOT A HUGE DEAL. They're superb folks and really helpful and keep you up to date and everything, but it's not just an add to cart, check out system. What I meant was there's no straight up, direct order system. I was completely unclear, sorry.
  • No water resistance.

What a beautiful, warm color! I absolutely love it, and I also love honey, so it's hard and unnecessary to resist such a thing. I am pathetically smitten and I want to put this in all my pens. Especially the clear ones.

I received this item as a gift. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. 


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