Friday, June 17, 2016

@Galen_Leather Handmade Goods Unboxing & Preview

You've probably seen some Galen Leather goods going around recently, and I'm throwing mine into the mix as well. I was contacted a few weeks ago by the kind folks over there, and ta-da! Now I have wonderful, leathery smelling things to check out!
Galen Leather Handmade Goods Preview6
Galen Leather Handmade Goods Preview7
I really like having my stuff tidy and organized. It makes it easier for me to find what I need more efficiently if everything is grouped together and organized. For example, I have a giant box of items that need to be reviewed, and a list that goes with it, but it wasn't always like that. It used to be scattered everywhere and I tried to maintain a running list in my head (futile). I have a box of pens and supplies that are used for testing papers and notebooks - for my standard tests, at the very least. I have pen pouches for dip pen holders, separate containers for dip nibs, extra feeds, etc. You get the picture. I like order.

I also like leather.

Get your mind out of the gutter! I like leather goods because well made leather goods are durable, will last a lifetime, develop more and more character as time passes, and certain items can help me out in organizing my chaos. These are some of the reasons I was thrilled when Galen Leather contacted me! Also, they are gorgeous.
Galen Leather Handmade Goods Preview3
Galen Leather Handmade Goods Preview4
Galen Leather is run by Zeynep and her brother Yusuf in Istanbul, Turkey. You should read the Story page, because it is interesting how this came to be. The leather is locally sourced and is really lovely, and their work is impressive. I am honored to test these items and it's with companies like this that I really feel privileged to do this - to share their work with all of you!

iPad Mini & Large Moleskine Cover - Natural
iPhone6S Plus Wallet - Natural
Leather Tool Roll - Brown
Where to buy: Galen Leather

Good Stuff
  • Locally sourced vegetable oak-tanned cow leather
    • Each piece is a little different!
    • Vegetable tanned has a lot of character and is easier on the environment
  • Leather ages with regular use - becomes softer and develops more character
  • Polyamide thread is synthetic, so it will last a long time without rotting or degrading
    • Waxed
  • Easy to care for, using products you likely already have - such as olive oil
  • Many options to choose from on the website
    • Journals, sleeves, accessories, phone cases
    • Lots of colors and variations
  • Can be personalized
  • Attractive, recyclable, and reusable packaging
  • Ships worldwide
  • Support a family business!
Galen Leather Handmade Goods Preview2
Galen Leather Handmade Goods Preview5
Galen Leather Handmade Goods Preview8
Thank you to Galen Leather for these samples for review. Full reviews coming of each, with in-use pictures and descriptions!


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