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Review: Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Fountain Pen @Fontoplum0

Thanks to Fontoplumo for sending this over! Yummy. With matching ink, too
Review Lamy Safari Dark Lilac FP @Fontoplum0 030
Review Lamy Safari Dark Lilac FP @Fontoplum0 029

Body Material: ABS Plastic
Trim: Chrome (black)
Length (capped): 6.1''
Length (uncapped nib-end): 5.28''
Length (posted): 6.7''
Barrel Diameter: 0.46'' - 0.50''
Section Diameter: 0.36'' - 0.48''
Nib material: Steel
Weight (all): 17 g
Fill type: Cartridge/Converter
Price: €19,50
Where to buy: Fontoplumo (and matching ink)

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Review Lamy Safari Dark Lilac FP @Fontoplum0 016
This Safari came packaged in a black/dark grey cardboard box with Lamy written on it in silver. The elastic holds two thin flaps closed. Inside, the pen sits in a folded cardboard bed. Like all Safaris, the pen came supplied with a Lamy blue ink cartridge (and I hate it). Simple packaging, but I like it. Minimal waste, minimal space needed to keep it.

Review Lamy Safari Dark Lilac FP @Fontoplum0 018
Review Lamy Safari Dark Lilac FP @Fontoplum0 019
The Safari is a good sized pen - not too big, not too small. It has a mostly round barrel, and the ends are blunt with black end plugs. The cap is completely round, whereas the rest of the body has two flat surfaces - one with LAMY engraved on it, and the other sides are rounded like the cap. 
Review Lamy Safari Dark Lilac FP @Fontoplum0 028
There is a window through the pen that allows you to see the ink cartridge or converter inside, which is a great touch, and one of the features of these pens that I really like. I always peek at it before I write to see how much ink I have left - if any. The clip is built into the cap, long, sleek and curved outwards at the end of the cap so it will slide easily on to papers or on to shirts. The section is dark lilac, to match the cap and barrel, with two flat surfaces and a rounded bottom.


The steel nib that came on this pen is a broad, black nib. It is the standard nib that fits on the Safari, AL-Star, Vista, and the (steel) Studio. It has a single slit, and a round breather hole. It's engraved with the nib grade (B), and Lamy. 
Review Lamy Safari Dark Lilac FP @Fontoplum0 024
Review Lamy Safari Dark Lilac FP @Fontoplum0 025
I flushed this pen before inking it up. I don't use the black steel nibs from Lamy very often, so this one was given a good test for a few weeks before I made up my mind about it. Of course, it's only one nib among all the regular steel nibs. The nib is on the wet side, so drying times are average to a little long - 30 - 40s or so. Lamy nibs are usually quite stiff, and this one is as well, but with some pressure, a tiny bit of line variation can be squeezed out - a very tiny bit! The nib does not skip or hard start, so I am pretty pleased with it in. Fast writing works, but not if pressure is applied. It doesn't dry out or skip with fast writing, unless I rotate the nib all over the place; it becomes a little skippy. The pen does pass the free weight test but it writes a little bit dry that way.
Review Lamy Safari Dark Lilac FP @Fontoplum0 034
I prefer the way the regular steel nibs write - they feel just a touch smoother, and this one could quite easily be smoothed up to exactly how I want it to write. Why haven't I done this yet? What I really want to do is get Lamy's black & yellow gold nib for this... SOMEONE STOP ME PLEASE.


The clip is not too tight, but if you pull too hard, there is some give where it attaches into the cap so be careful with it. The section has a very particular shape that some people love or hate - it forces your grip into a triangular shape that is supposed to be ergonomic. I don't actually hold the section properly, as it is intended, but I don't find it uncomfortable, because the pen is light and easy to wield.

I actually prefer the Safari to write with than AL-Stars because I love the feeling of the plastic bodies. This is the first Safari I've used with this matte texture - the others I have are smooth and glossy. This one is sort of powdery, and not uncomfortably rough to the touch. I like it, and it holds up to scratches and wear well.

Review Lamy Safari Dark Lilac FP @Fontoplum0 020
Review Lamy Safari Dark Lilac FP @Fontoplum0 021
Review Lamy Safari Dark Lilac FP @Fontoplum0 022
Both unposted or posted, the Safari works. It posts deeply and comfortably and it's great to write with. It is comfortable in hand; good balance, good weight. The body is smooth (as in, no parts sticking out) to the touch and warms nicely when held, though the material can scratch over time. As I mentioned, I think this texture holds up better to scratching than the glossy Safaris do.
Review Lamy Safari Dark Lilac FP @Fontoplum0 027
Review Lamy Safari Dark Lilac FP @Fontoplum0 026

Review Lamy Safari Dark Lilac FP @Fontoplum0 035

As always, I really like the Safari - it's comfortable, the nibs are easy to change and there's a selection of them, they're tough, reliable, write well, and come in fun colors. FINALLY. Lamy has answered the pleas of all us weirdo purple lovers!!

I received this pen free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. There are no affiliate links in this review.


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