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Mark's HiBi Pouches for Organizing @BureauDirect

This is embarrassing, but when I was a kid, I used to carry all my stuff around. It's weird and I don't know why I did this, but I would basically put everything in bags and carry it around the house with me. My family called me The Bag Lady. Foreshadowing to my future as a pouch hoarder, maybe? It's a habit I've been trying to break, because (probably not uncommonly) I tend to carry more than I actually need, and I also hate when it's messy. Gotta keep things organized, and this is how I justify my weird obsession with pouches and cases and the like.
Mark's HiBi Pouches for Organizing @BureauDirect4
Mark's HiBi Pouches for Organizing @BureauDirect11

Size 178mm x 250mm

Materials: Cotton & Nylon logo label
Five different colourways
Matching items available
Where to buy: Mark's HiBi Large Pouch £11.99 | Mark's HiBi Small Pouch £8.99
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I have a lot of pouches, but they all serve different purposes. Some hold my dip nib holders, some hold doubles of gel pens/ballpoints, some have erasers. You get the picture. I saw these Mark's HiBi pouches at Bureau Direct and thought hmmm those look like the perfect size for further tidying and organizing!
Mark's HiBi Pouches for Organizing @BureauDirect1
The large HiBi pouch is used for bigger things, like A5 notebooks, pens, but also the smaller HiBi pouch! I like to use this as my EDC pouch - the one I put in my bag when I head off to work for the day (if not working from home that day). I keep a pen wrap in it, or an entire Visconti 6 Pen Case, a Muji A5 Planner, and the small pouch. Inside the smaller pouch: an iPhone charging cable, and a flash drive.
Mark's HiBi Pouches for Organizing @BureauDirect8
If I'm not using a pouch in pouch, it also holds pens like the Lamy Pico ballpoint (great because it doesn't uncap itself and smear ink everywhere, and because it's small and cute). Sometimes you need a ballpoint. Anyway, back to the pouch - it holds quite a bit more than I thought it would, and it still doesn't get too lumpy and bulky if you pack it right. 
Mark's HiBi Pouches for Organizing @BureauDirect10
The small pouch holds various things, depending on what I'm doing. This is why multiple pouches is easy for me to justify to myself - then I can have each one set up the way I want it, and I can grab the one I need that day/week. I don't have to switch things around and forget things in the process. The little pouch is perfect for coins (I hate carrying coins), extra cards (loyalty cards I don't use daily), ear buds, ink cartridges, ink converters, lip balm, and other small things. 
Mark's HiBi Pouches for Organizing @BureauDirect6
Mark's HiBi Pouches for Organizing @BureauDirect7

  • Not too bulky, so great for carrying around.
  • Cute colors, and they match.
  • Smooth zipper.
  • Hand wash to keep extra clean.
  • Inside material is easy to wipe down.
  • Exciting idea: use different colors of pouches for different items. ALLTHEPOUCHES!
  • Snail mail pouches
    • Large - hold envelopes, paper, writing utensils
    • Small - stickers, stamps, washi tape.
Mark's HiBi Pouches for Organizing @BureauDirect12
Mark's HiBi Pouches for Organizing @BureauDirect13
  • EDC Kit
    • Large - A5 notebook and pocket notebook, pencils, fountain pen, ballpoint.
    • Small - Sharpener, eraser, replacement pencil erasers.

  • Sketch kits (not that I know how to sketch.)
    • Large - Field Notes notebooks (I like these), or any other notebook/sketch book that you like, pens, pencils - just toss it all together. You can also take a Papelote notebook strap, wrap it around your sketch book, and put some writing/drawing utensils in there. Then they're all conveniently put together.
    • Small - Eraser, sharpener, correction tape
Mark's HiBi Pouches for Organizing @BureauDirect15
  • Random scribble kit
    • Along with a pocket notebook, keep your miscellaneous items together in the small pouch - Kaweco Classic Sport pocket fountain pen, Lamy Pico pocket ballpoint, washi tape, Franklin-Christoph Model 45, adorable Midori Traveler's Notebook 10th Anniversary mini journal (absurd, but so cute). 
Mark's HiBi Pouches for Organizing @BureauDirect16
  • Make up kit
    • Large - Use a tool wrap to put your brushes and pencils in, as well as larger compacts.
    • Small - Smaller, individual compacts, pencil sharpener
These two pouches have become favorites because they hold so much, and remain so portable. It's just handy to be able to stuff all my EDC stuff into a few things I can carry either in a bag, or by hand. Also, it doesn't hurt that they're cute, colorful, and sturdy. 

Pouches can also make great gifts. Stuff them and set them up for someone you heart, and give them the perfect gift. Make a sketch kit for someone who wants to start drawing, an EDC kit to someone who never has a pen and always borrows yours, and much more!

I received this item free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. 


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