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An Overview: @KarasKustoms Superstition Edition Case Combo

The wonderful team at KarasKustoms has always been very supportive of this blog, and the Render K Aluminum pen was actually the first Kickstarter project I ever backed! So I'm particularly fond of them. This parcel just appeared at my door one day and I've been using it constantly ever since. Although they are sold out of the combo, individual items are available (just in different colorways), so you can still take a look. Each individual item is well worth it. Plus, I wanted to thank them for surprising me. I had just returned from a chaotic trip and it made me feel so loved, so this is long overdue.
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Review @KarasKustoms Superstition Edition Case Combo 15
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KarasKustoms says this limited edition combo is inspired by the Superstition mountain range in Arizona. (- KarasKustoms Superstition Edition Case)

CONTENTS: Superstition Edition Combo Limited Edition 19 of 120
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Review @KarasKustoms Superstition Edition Case Combo 16
Review @KarasKustoms Superstition Edition Case Combo 20
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The Superstition Combo comes with a limited edition certification card: my combination is 19/120. There is also a KarasKustoms K sticker. Who doesn't love stickers?
Review @KarasKustoms Superstition Edition Case Combo 8
The KarasKustoms Pen Co. Standard Pocket Notebook is a small notebook with a thicker cover. The front and back covers are simply decorated with the Karas Pen Co. logo, a star with rays in various shades of brown, and a 'designed & manufactured in USA' logo. It has rounded corners and the covers are flush with the pages inside. It is staple bound, and has white paper with a dot grid.
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Review @KarasKustoms Superstition Edition Case Combo 17
The EDK pen is super sexy. It is a relatively short pen with a round body that tapers slightly near the tip. The knock is round and aluminum, and matches the bolted on aluminum clip. The top half of the barrel is aluminum in anodized red, complete with knurling at the top. The bottom half is copper with grooves in it that match the tumbled copper bead. It is a great looking pen, not only in color, but also design. Upon arrival, the copper was shiny and bright. I love new copper as it gleams with richness. After months of use, the copper has developed a beautiful patina that makes this pen even more beautiful (below).
Review @KarasKustoms Superstition Edition Case Combo 22
The case is also superb. It has a grey nylon outside, a black YKK zipper with matching black zipper pull, blue stitching, and a blue interior. The front corner has the KarasKustoms logo sewn on, and the inside has the Nock Co. label. The inside has three pen slots on one side, a memo book pocket (3.5" x 5.5") on the other side, and an open space in the middle.
Review @KarasKustoms Superstition Edition Case Combo 5

It's hard to fully review combo packages because each item deserves their own attention, so I'll aim to give you an idea of the combo, and will look at separate reviews later.

KarasKustoms Pen Co. Standard Pocket Notebook: this is a cute, small, convenient, and portable notebook. It is perfect for slipping into the memo book pocket in the case. It is surprisingly durable with its thick covers. It has a narrow profile, opens easily, and can lie flat. The simplicity makes it easy and tempting to fill in, because it's not intimidating! The paper is best suited to dry writers like pencils, crayons, ballpoint pens, and of course, the included KarasKustoms EDK. The paper is on the toothy side and it's quite absorbent, so fountain pen ink is a no go - there is feathering and bleed through. It's a great combination as an on-the-go set up, paired with a ballpoint or

KarasKustoms EDK: this is a great pen. I love the colors, the solid, robust feeling it has in hand, and that the pen is obviously tough. It just feels like it can handle being thrown in a bag or a pocket (and it can!). I appreciate the half copper design, because I get to enjoy the beauty of the copper, with only half the weight. The Schmidt P8126 refill writes really well, and has a nice precise tip.
Review @KarasKustoms Superstition Edition Case Combo 13
Nock Co. Superstition (Sinclair) Case: this is awesome. I already have several Nock Co. cases but this might be my favorite set up yet.
Review @KarasKustoms Superstition Edition Case Combo 2
My only complaint is I want it in a cotton candy colorway, but I suspect this color was more suitable for the KarasKustoms style! Functionally, I absolutely love this case. It doesn't feel super bulky, even when I stuff it full of pens. If I want something hard and bulky, I can use a zippered pen folder, but I'd rather tote this around. When it's empty, it's flat and small.
Review @KarasKustoms Superstition Edition Case Combo 6
This fits some of my most precious pens easily, keeps them safe, and then I can put it in my bag. This case can accommodate some large pens, and only the really long ones like the Visconti Opera Master/Classic Pens LB5 push it. The case won't prevent pens from being crushed, but it offers a fair amount of padding for light to moderate use.

Gratuitous knurling shot: KarasKustoms EDK, KarasKustoms Render K, Retro 51 Tornado.
Review @KarasKustoms Superstition Edition Case Combo 19

LOVE. I love everything about this combination, and it introduced me to the EDK and the Nock Co. Sinclair case, both of which I really like. I carry this case full of pens almost everywhere, and more often than not, I reach for this case over a Visconti DreamTouch 6 Pen Case. The EDK is a great, convenient, every day carry pen, and it's super comfortable. I know this combo is long gone, but you can always make your own combo!

A huge thank you to KarasKustoms for this treat!

I received this item free of charge but was not asked to review it. I'm just reviewing it because it's SO AWESOME. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. There are no affiliate links in this review. 


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