Monday, July 18, 2016

@Kickstarter Pen Uno + Pencil Uno: The Most Minimal Writing Instruments

Pen Uno + Pencil Uno: The Most Minimal Writing Instruments


Kickstarter is offering all sorts of pens for the pen addicts out there, and sometimes you want a pencil as well! Check out the Pen Uno & Pencil Uno Kickstarter project on right now! Funding has been met but stretch goals will offer more color options.

23 Days Left!

The Pen Uno is a space-grade aluminum pen that uses the Hi-Tec C Coleto ink cartridge, and the Uno also transforms into a mechanical pencil. The Uno machined out of space-grade aluminum anodized in five colors. COLORS: gold, rose gold, red, black, space grey.

PEN TO PENCIL: turn your Uno Pen into a standard 0.5mm mechanical pencil simply by switching two components. In this campaign you will be able to get a pen, a pen with a pencil converter kit or a full pen and pencil as a set. 
The minimal Pen Uno and Pencil Uno are very thin and minimal. The holding barrel is wider (similar to a standard pencil) to provide a comfortable writing experience. This barrel also doubles as a cap to protect the pen tip when not in use. A few twists of the barrel will open and close the pen.
Obviously, I would pick the rose gold, because I am one of those people who like pink things, and it would match my phone perfectly! What about you?

Check out the Pen Uno + Pencil Uno on Kickstarter!

Although this is a sponsored post, I thought it an appropriate Kickstarter project to share with you! A sponsored post means I receive a small fee to write the post and share the content/information with you, but that does not mean I endorse the product - I mean, I haven't even used one yet! The fee just helps me out a bit.


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