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Review: Lucrin Geneva Case 4 Zipped Pens @LucrinGeneva

Thank you to Lucrin Geneva for sending this case over for review!
Review Lucrin Geneva Case 4 Zipped Pens @LucrinGeneva 8
Leather Color: Tan
Leather Type: Granulated
Thread: Unbleached
Size closed: 8 x 17 x 2.5 cm / 5.15" x 6.7" x 1.0"
Price: $116.00 USD
Where to buy: Lucrin


This 4 Pen Zippered case is presented in a light brown, soft cloth bag. It has Lucrin Geneva printed on the front in dark brown, with a matching drawstring. I like the pouch - you can store your case in this dust bag, or you can use it to tote miscellaneous small items.
Review Lucrin Geneva Case 4 Zipped Pens @LucrinGeneva 1

This leather pouch is very attractive. It is small and slim - I was expecting something taller and wider, considering it is a four pen case. The leather is tan, but it is a warm brown, to my eye. I like the color a lot! It has rounded edges and a wide spine. The edges are stitched with unbleached thread. The shape is nice. Not complicated or fancy, but well done. You can also select a matching color, turquoise, orange, or navy blue. The zipper is silver with a matching zipper pull. The back of the case has Lucrin at the bottom - it looks debossed with silver filling.
Review Lucrin Geneva Case 4 Zipped Pens @LucrinGeneva 2Review Lucrin Geneva Case 4 Zipped Pens @LucrinGeneva 3
The full grain leather keeps the original grain. It looks granulated, like tiny pebbles, so it has more character than the smooth leather option. The tan color and the grain is very classy and elegant.
Review Lucrin Geneva Case 4 Zipped Pens @LucrinGeneva 4
The case is hard, so when it is opened, the firm covers can open it and lie flat without flopping around. The inside is lined with a short, super soft velvet in a brown that matches the rest of the case. The right side of the case has four loops right next to each other. Each loop is leather, with a black elastic portion to allow it to stretch.
Review Lucrin Geneva Case 4 Zipped Pens @LucrinGeneva 5
The case is simple but it is quite pretty. It looks well made, and the color is warm and beautiful. There seems to be good attention to detail - the leather is cut straight, the threading is straight, and there is no glue leaking out anywhere.


This case is elegantly presented, so I'm not surprised that it feels so nice. The leather is a little rough because of the grainy texture. The covers and spine are firm so although the leather over it is a bit squishy to the touch, the case itself is firm to hold.

The zipper is a Meras, from Italy. I find it a little difficult to zip up once it has been opened completely - I have to pull the zip taut for it to catch. It works, and it's not broken, but it feels a little rough to open and close. The velvety material inside feels delicate and soft to the touch. It looks like the inside of a very expensive pen case, which it is!
Review Lucrin Geneva Case 4 Zipped Pens @LucrinGeneva 12
The case can zip open completely by pulling the zip all the way home. Of course, as mentioned, doing so makes it harder to close. Anyway. Back to that velvet - it's very nice and soft, and fibers do not come off it and get stuck to your pens. It's also soft material for your pens to rest against.
Review Lucrin Geneva Case 4 Zipped Pens @LucrinGeneva 6Review Lucrin Geneva Case 4 Zipped Pens @LucrinGeneva 7
The four loops are very close together. It is one piece of leather with matching stitching to the rest of the case. The elastic portion is on the underside of the loop so you won't really see it unless you have a pen filling the loop. The loops are well made, but I think they could use a bit of distance between them. The elastic allows loops to accommodate pens more easily. Once pens are in place, they are snug and will not rattle around and unless they're very slim, they will not slip out.
Review Lucrin Geneva Case 4 Zipped Pens @LucrinGeneva 11
The loops are smaller than I would like, but that's because I have quite a few large pens. The quality and slimness of the case (ie. not bulky) has me putting some of my favorite pens in here. The case offers very decent protection, so this carries: two Namiki Yukaris, and two Montblanc Meisterst├╝ck 146 pens. I don't see any scratching on the barrels. The limiting factor for pen size is around the case - the center bands on the Montblancs stop at the loops.
Review Lucrin Geneva Case 4 Zipped Pens @LucrinGeneva 13

  • Beautiful, elegant case.
  • Compact, not bulky.
  • Your choice of leather colors, thread colors, and leather type.
  • Soft interior.
  • Elastics in loops make it easier to slide pens in and out.
  • Firm covers protect pens well.
  • Can be personalized.
  • Great gift idea.
  • Great for carrying normal sized pens - not oversized.
Review Lucrin Geneva Case 4 Zipped Pens @LucrinGeneva 9
  • Expensive.
  • Loops are close together so even if you have a pen that fits, it's snug.
  • Zip is hard to close if it has been opened up all the way.
  • Leather is thin and looks a little plasticky - it's missing the color and character variation, but it does look very polished and elegant. It depends on what kind of leather you like. I like leather that develops character with use.

Review Lucrin Geneva Case 4 Zipped Pens @LucrinGeneva 10
I'm still searching for the perfect pen case. This is a classy, elegant, polished case. I like that it offers solid protection but is not too bulky. The loops are a little too small and close together to make it fast and easy to use for me. Best if you have smaller, thinner pens, without large features on them - so they can slide into the loops.

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