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Review: Sailor Profit Calligraphy Brush Pen @couronneducomte

Thank you kindly to La Couronne du Comte for providing this pen for review!

Review Sailor Profit Calligraphy Brush Pen @couronneducomte 1
Paper: LIFE Pistachio notebook
Ink: Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin
Review Sailor Profit Calligraphy Brush Pen @couronneducomte 16

Body Material: Plastic
Trim: Gold plated
Length (capped): 135.2 mm/5.32"
Length (uncapped nib-end): 116.7 mm/4.59"
Length (posted): 146. mm/5.74"
Barrel Diameter: 10.3 - 12.0 mm/0.40" - 0.47"
Section Diameter: 9.2 - 10.4 mm/0.36" - 0.40"
Nib material: Synthetic
Weight (all): 16 g
Weight (cap): 8 g
Weight (body): 8 g
Fill type: Sailor cartridge/converter
Cap: Screw on
Posts: Yes, friction
Price: € 29,00
Where to buy: La Couronne du Comte

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The Sailor Profit Brush pen is packaged in a simple, small cardboard box with an plastic window, and comes with two Sailor ink cartridges to get you going. The ink is a solid, deep black that won't disappoint. Minimal packaging, most of which I do not understand, unfortunately. I like that it's minimal - this pen doesn't really need more!
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The Sailor Profit brush pen is a small pen, with a round cap and barrel, tapering ends, and rounded off points. The finial is just a shiny black plastic top. The clip is attached internally through a small cut out. The clip is simple and unmarked, with a rounded bottom. The end of the cap has a thin gold colored metal center band. It is engraved with: Sailor Made in Japan. The end of the cap also has a character on it, but I can't tell you what it means, sorry! The section is smooth and round, tapering towards the brush tip. It ends in a flare, and there is another small collar that extends past that, which holds the brush fibers. 
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The whole pen is shiny black plastic. It looks really pretty when it's new because it isn't scuffed up. Depending how you use, store, and treat your pens, it can and will pick up micro scratches and small scuffs. I think it holds up pretty well, considering the price and make. Over time, the once shiny finish looks a little dull, but it works just fine. 

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Review Sailor Profit Calligraphy Brush Pen @couronneducomte 11
This nib is actually a pretty soft, medium-sized synthetic brush. It feels really smooth on paper, the tip holds together well, and it is on the soft side. It requires a light hand for finer lines and only mild pressure for thicker lines. It is a fairly wet brush, and it doesn't run dry until the reservoir is empty. The tip snaps back with moderate responsiveness, once you remove any pressure. It's so soft so you can also adjust your angle to not be applying pressure on the side of the brush if you need to quickly achieve a finer line. If you maintain pressure, the tip stays in a flat, wider position.
Review Sailor Profit Calligraphy Brush Pen @couronneducomte 4
That is SERIOUS line variation!!
Review Sailor Profit Calligraphy Brush Pen @couronneducomte 5
Since you can use it on the tip or on its sides, this pen is quite versatile. Use it as a brush pen for doodling, drawling, sketching, lettering, calligraphy, and even as a highlighter. I'm having so much fun practicing brush lettering with this. I'm not very good at it because it takes some control to maintain the line variation to achieve what I want, but I'll get there. The red writing samples show my control when I first used the pen, and the other two images (in orange) are after a few months of practice. It's a fun way to use fountain pen ink and see how it looks with a different tip.
Review Sailor Profit Calligraphy Brush Pen @couronneducomte 6
I am using a dinky Sailor converter in this, because I'm too lazy to refill cartridges. It cannot be eyedroppered without modification - there are holes at the back of the barrel. I have tried. With ink. Oops. Unfortunately the converter runs out pretty quickly, but it's easy to refill. 

The clip is pretty springy and works well. It can slide on and off your pages, pockets, and pouches pretty easily.

The section is fairly comfortable. I spend time moving my grip around anyway, especially for lettering so I can ensure I have the right angle and pressure needed for the next letter. Trying to find the conformation that allows me the most control over the tip doesn't take much time, and it actually works best this way for forming each letter. The additional collar between the end of the section and the brush tip helps me keep my fingers off the brush itself.
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Review Sailor Profit Calligraphy Brush Pen @couronneducomte 10
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Unposted, the pen is light, comfortable, and easy for me to control. The cap can be posted by friction. It is secure, and although it feels well balanced and isn't too long, I find the precision of the tip reduced. At least for my hands, when posted! I favor using the pen unposted. 
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  • Affordable.
  • Can use pigmented ink and fountain pen ink, or even watercolors.
  • Forgiving tip - not a firm tip that will bend out of place if too much pressure is applied.
  • Comfortable in hand.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Perfect for trying out brush lettering, hand lettering, and calligraphy.
  • Works as an art tool or highlighter as well!
Review Sailor Profit Calligraphy Brush Pen @couronneducomte 2
  • Small ink capacity for such a wet tip.
  • May be too small for large hands.

At this price, I don't expect a masterpiece. This is a really fun pen for me, and it has become a fast favorite, joining the ranks of other markers like the Tombow Dual Brush Pen, the Pentel Brush Pen, and fountain pens as well. It's affordable and pretty forgiving, and well worth trying out. It's so versatile and creative people can do some amazing stuff with this!

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