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Review: Clairefontaine Basics Leather Pencil Case - Small Oval, Tan

This is a review of the Clairefontaine Basics Leather Pencil Case Small Oval in tan.
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I was visiting my brother in Ottawa and every time I go there, I HAVE to visit Paper Papier. My brother and dad were waiting outside in the car for me so I was in a rush (every stationery freak's nightmare: having to hurry in a stationery store!!!). I saw this adorable little pencil case and grabbed it because it was the only one left. Poor, sad, lonely pencil case. I brought it home and gave it a warm place to live.


Genuine sheepskin leather
Soft and supple
Matching zipper
7 1/4" x 2" x 1 1/8"

This little case is from the Basics Collection pencil case here in the US but is referred to as the “Age Bag” in Europe. I like Age Bag better! Sounds more fun! Mine came with the Age Bag tag but obviously, it was promptly ruined by certain felines.

I adore this pencil case. I really love it. If you are a devoted vegan, you may hate me for this, but I love the leather. It’s so soft. It’s such a fun, mushy little pencil pouch and it makes me literally HAPPY when I pick it up and unzip it. I don’t know why. It’s just small and adorable.
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Don’t laugh, but because it’s leather, I do have leather lotion for it - to help keep it nice and soft and supple. (The word supple makes me uneasy. Why? Pay close attention to Salad Fingers. Every time I hear the word "supple", I think of Salad.)

I love the look of the inside which is rough and textured but still very soft. I love placing my prized pens lovingly into a bed of of sheepskin leather. It’s heart warming. It makes me feel fuzzy.
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Although it’s small, it still holds a decent amount of stuff. In this picture, there is about ten instruments in there - including thick highlighter barrels - the Sharpie gel highlighter, the Sharpie Highlighter Liquid Pen, some Sharpie Pens, Pentel R.S.V.Ps, and a few others.
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It also holds smaller sized notepads if you like to keep a pad tucked in your pencil case like I do. This is the Moleskine Volant Mini Plain Notebook. Fits no problem.
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If you don’t like tan, or want a different color anyway, there are a few others: black, green, and red. Incidentally, these colors also match the Basics Collection notebooks. How cool is that? Plus, all the colors are complementary so you could get ONE OF EACH! That’s correct, one of each color of pencil case along with one of each color of each type of notebook. And then mix and match. Then you will never have to pick what color you want to buy.

I treat this pencil case like gold so I’m not sure how it would stand up to abuse (why would you abuse it??) but I do know that leather is generally pretty hardy and with some regular care, it should last you a good looooong time, if not forever!
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Writer’s Bloc - $9.50


A clean, tidy, and professional little pencil case for business or fun! This is one of my favorite pencil cases ever!


Shangching said...

I have been looking at this pencil pouch for so long, but I already have one that is similar in style. *sigh* It is troublesome to be an addict and to have conscience at the same time.

GourmetPens said...

The solution must be to become MORE of an addict or to somehow get rid of your conscience... Although I think getting rid of your conscience will lead to you becoming more of an addict...

Shangching said...

Maybe if I compartmentalize my conscience, then I can be a real stationery addict. Hmm...

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