Friday, October 28, 2011

Whiskers & Paws: October 2011 Edition

We had a photo session the other evening. It was very difficult to keep their attention without using treats...And then when I did use treats, they nearly bit my fingers off and ripped me apart trying to get them away from me. The cretins!
IMG_0588 Resized
IMG_0578 Resized
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IMG_0555 Resized
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Rori said...

Those are some stunning cats! What kind is the black one?

Heather said...

Great photos, Azizah! I can sympathize with the difficulties of taking good photos of cats; usually by the time I get close enough to mine to get a photo, they become curious and start walking towards me. I am sadly living away from my 3 cats right now, so I much appreciated seeing your lovely felines!

GourmetPens said...

Thank you Rori! The little black one (Koa) is actually a bengal but he's a "sheeted marble". I think sheeted marbles aren't as desirable as the ones with flowing patterns but I thought he was very exotic and neat looking!

Heather - fellow cat lovers always understand the difficulty! LOL! Mine do that too, as soon as they see me focusing on them, they wander over. OR hold still until I click the button and they move hahaha. I usually end up with 90% blurry pictures and only 10% being any good. You must miss your cats like crazy so I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures :)

Unknown said...

Oh these pictures are beautiful, hope you didn't get too scratched in the making of them!! Darcy and Sookie are very good at looking straight into the camera in a perfect pose... until the exact second that I press the button, then they do something nutso just as the picture takes!! =^..^=

GourmetPens said...

Thanks :D Only minor scratches. Hazards of the job though right? I'd much rather take pictures of them than groom them! Darcy & Sookie know they're adorable so they can be naughty and look away just at the moment you take the picture - clever kitties!

Shangching said...

Wow, these pictures look like taken by a professional and posed by professional models as well! I especially like the one when Tyco looked at a 45 degree angle. They all looked like they were having fun posing. I wish Auggie would the same for me!

Rori said...

Really? Wow, I didn't know there were alternate coat colors--great photos!

Okami said...

Beautiful cats! I love the coat on your Bengal but Tyco is a doll!

GourmetPens said...

Thank you Julie :) Ragdolls really are heart-melting! They're such wonderfully sweet, gentle cats!

Jen said...

Great photos! My absolute fave is the third last!

GourmetPens said...

Thanks Jen :) I like that one too, she actually looks sweet and innocent... sorta. LOL

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