Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Update: Pentel Slicci 0.25mm Orange on Regular Paper

 I guess it wasn't fair to do micro tip pen testing on premium, creamy smooth paper like Clairefontaine (Quo Vadis Habana/Rhodia R Pad) or Rhodia (Reverse Book). Obviously any pen is going to write more smoothly on premium than on “regular” paper. And if you’re at work, how many offices have premium paper for taking notes or scribbling on documents? Well, probably none (which in itself is an atrocity).

Just an update on my Pentel Slicci 0.25mm Orange review here. I wanted to point out my dissatisfaction with this micro tip's performance in my Moleskine (big surprise, right?).

I noted that upon "coloring" on the page, the ink started printing through on the other side of the page. I stopped blobbing the ink on before it reached bleed through. I also felt as though the tip would score or tear the paper - it felt so sharp and I could hear it scratching. This would be really annoying in a silent room of a bunch of students writing exams. You'd drive yourself and everyone else insane with the scritchscritchscritch.

Fortunately, the ink didn't feather. And the orange is still pretty, so I still like it on premium paper!
 IMG_0619 Resized


Shangching said...

You are absolutely adorable! and I am sorry that I made you do more work. That is good information to know. I remembered tearing many sheets of regular paper when I used to use .28mm Uniball Signo DX. I even dislodged the rollerball from the refill (total user error on my part).

GourmetPens said...

:) It was my pleasure! I should have included it in the first review but it completely slipped my mind! Hahahahahah it's hilarious that you wrecked the pen. Could you even use it after dislodging the rollerball?

Shangching said...

Oh I tried so hard to salvage the refill. I could write... in ink blobs. I just gave up at the end because the sharp corners of the tip (what was left of it) kept literally scratching the paper (and this was regular paper, no multilayer premium). That was the fate of my first Signo DX.

Robert M. said...

I really liked the vividness and readability of the various Slicci inks I tried (Sky Blue, Pink, Burnt Orange, Purple, Green, etc.), but unfortunately I had problems with the ink fading pretty quickly when exposed to air and light. Things that stayed in my notebooks were generally fine, but anything that I posted on a wall or kept on a table were almost unreadable within a few months. I mostly switched to Signo DXs, which have slightly inferior line consistency and slightly less interesting colors (in general, with a few exceptions), but far better longevity when exposed to air, water, and sunlight. However, there are still times when I reach for a Slicci.

GourmetPens said...

Hi Robert! Thank you for bringing up the issue about ink fading. I actually had no idea and now that I have a heads up, I will observe it over time. I do agree though. I really like the DXs but they really need to ramp up the color selection and the vibrancy of the ink. Sigh. I can only imagine DXs with some awesome Slicci ink. It would be so cool.

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