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Review: Nomadic PN-01 Two Layer Pencil Case Light Pink

This is a review of the Nomadic PN-01 Two Layer Pencil Case in Light Pink.
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Not surprisingly, I picked up this cool pencil cases at JetPens - where they have a great variety of pencil cases and for some reason, I am a huge sucker for them. Pencil cases, that is. (Well...JetPens, too). Pencil cases are an associated addiction of pen lovers.

Cases by Nomadic are overall quite fantastic. They're unique, well designed, and come in a huge variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They are often available in bright colors, and are full of pockets and places for you to stash your pens, pencils, and other stationery. The inside of this one is orange! Super fun. Way more exciting than a boring plain black inside, right?
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This particular pencil case opens on three sides with two zippers (YKK zippers into the main pocket. Great for organizing things as you want inside. I love things that open on all three sides. Pencil cases that only have one opening and you have to dig around to get to the bottom are difficult for on-the-go organization (though convenient for mass carrying of stationery).
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The inside flap has a mesh pocket but it’s not really stretchy. It holds slim items like Post-Its, a ruler, in addition to pens and pencils. Ink cartridges for your fountain pens would fit nicely here as well.
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Post-it flags, Waterman 52V, Pilot Cavalier fountain pen, Sharpie fine point, Pilot Hi-Tec C 0.4 mm violet, Sharpie pen, Putimo White line correction tape.
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Post-it flags, Lamy Al-Star Safari, Graf Von Faber-Castell Classic Anello Titanium fountain pen, Mont Blanc StarWalker Metal & Rubber, Rhodia Pad No. 11, Fountain pen ink refills in Corning cryogenic vials.
The middle flap separates the top cover from the main pocket. It has three elastic loops. I really like the loops for holding my fountain pens. I don’t like when they are in a pencil case and hit each other. They are very prized possessions so I like to keep their bodies in the best shape possible. Hitting each other can cause chipping or damage to the metal!
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Beneath this little flap is the main pocket which holds a fair amount of pens. I was able to comfortable fit ten in there (in addition to three in the loops). I like to keep a Rhodia Pad No. 11 in here for doodling or taking notes. And the design of the pencil case affords protection to the cover of the notepad! You know... so pens don’t scratch it and stuff.
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Post-it flags, Bic 4-color fashion pen, Uni-ball Signo 207 pink, Pilot G2 pink, Zebra Z-Grip pink, Uni-ball Signo 207 green, Uni-ball Signo 207 orange, Uni-ball Signo 207 light blue, eSharp 0.5mm mechanical pencil, Putimo White line correction tape.
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There is another little flap in the main pocket that could hold things like erasers, mini white-out tapes, pencil leads, USB flash drives, or a Kokuyo Easy Page Flip Fingertip Protector! The little pocket keeps the page flipper nice and crumb-free. Unless you get crumbs in the pocket.

Easy to clean durable nylon material, inside and out, just in case your cat barfs on it (that’s usually a hint that you pay too much attention to your pens and not enough to the cat). Or if a pen explodes in it or something (I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy).


JetPens - $14.00


A wee bit expensive if you've never used a Nomadic pencil case before. But when you compare it to what you can get at Staples or something, you won't feel guilty about it! ... Not that you should feel guilty about any of your stationery purchases. They're necessary for life. There are certainly cheaper pencil cases but they’re not nearly as fun or useful for organization and transporting the objects of your affections!

*Note: I changed the title to reflect the name of this particular pencil case as it was listed on JetPens when I bought it. The new ones I linked are the same, just a different name and colors! And they changed the little outer tag!


Shangching said...

I have been eying on various pencil utility cases on JetPens for a long time, and now you are tempting me to buy another! Great pouch to showcase all your prized writing instruments! If I had one, I am afraid that I will stuff it so full that I cannot zip it up!

A total side note: how do you like the Montblanc?

GourmetPens said...

If you can't zip it up, then you need to get MORE! Heehee! I'm a terrible influence. Nomadic makes very fun pencil cases. I have a few - I will review them soon :)

I LOVE the MB! It's a rollerball and it's probably one of my favorite pens. It's wonderful and perfectly heavy and comfortable and very well-balanced. Love it! Bought MB refills on eBay much cheaper than in store!

Shangching said...

I think we are mutual on terrible influence part. Then again, both of us started out as addicts, so it can't be helped ;)

I have MB Meisterstueck fountain pen and am ambivalent about it. I feel that the pen writes like a peasant (yes, I am complaining about one of the classics). I guess it applies to most German fountain pens when medium writes like broad.

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