Monday, April 2, 2012

Boosting Creativity via Jerry's Artarama

I have been complaining - I know, I complain too much - how there are few good stationery stores here in Austin, Texas, until the other day, Gentian (@Gentian - okay how did you even get your first name on Twitter? That's awesome. Anyway, I digress...) mentioned there is a Jerry's Artarama here in Austin. My visit to this wonderful place coincided with my first weekend alone after my parents left me!! So this may have been a bit of misery shopping, but the prices were really great, and I did my usual routine of going through the entire place, picking up everything I really fancied, then talking myself out of most of it. In the end, we spent $30. Not bad for all this stuff, right??

I have been feeling rather dead creativity-wise lately, and a several of you wonderful Tweeps suggested trying something new, or just getting back into it, even if it feels wrong, so that's what I decided to do. I acquired some new and fun utensils and bits, and I'm going to just jump in and try and make things (even if they turn out hideously).
Jerry's Artarama
Pretty fun, right? That's a bamboo pen up there, by the way. I first saw one of these on Tyler Dahl's blog and have been curious about them ever since!


Unknown said...

Awesome stuff :D I'm glad you had fun and will have fun experimenting with it too :) As for getting to use my name, it's because I was a very early Twitter adopter ;)

Tom Lynch said...

Ah! A very cool haul of drawing items! I'd love to visit a Jerry's retail store... I just made my first online purchase with them. We've got some real nice supply stores here in NYC as well. But I bet Jerry's also boasts that Texas hospitality that is very much lacking in the snarly apple.

Don't be shy with that bamboo pen! I love Tyler's post... it's awesome... but to draw with bamboo is different than writing... don't be timid with it... scratch, smear and spread the inks... use the sides of the pen as well, almost like a palette knife for a painter.

I use the Strathmore sketchbooks often. They take every kind of medium very well.

I have a lot of postings on art supplies on my blog:

Hope you can check it out.

Also hope your new supplies do the trick for you! SketchOn sistah!

Tom, NYC

GourmetPens said...

Hi Tom!! I am so honored to receive your comment here on my blog - thank you so much for stopping by! I am already a big fan of your blog (you're actually on my blog roll!). Funny that we should be discussing bamboo pens just as your Ben-Hur cover is released. I am in awe of the drawing and your use of the different tools. I am really excited to try the bamboo pen and I so appreciate the advice to not be timid! In my head, I was planning to dip it and write very carefully but now I'm going to go all out! And given the price at Jerry's (this was like $1.30 or something), I think I can pick up a few once I get the hang of them. 

Jerry's was so awesome - I should actually do a blog post on the store itself! But you're in NYC!! I am so envious because I always see all these little stores that are located in NY!

Thank you so much again for your support and encouragement. Coming from a true artist, kind words go a long way in helping me shed my fear of failing at art!!

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