Friday, April 6, 2012 Review: Avery Gift Items

I recently received a SURPRISE parcel in the mail (the best kind ever) and inside was a gift from Shoplet and Avery. Inside were some nifty office supplies - a gift of congratulation for being selected as one of Shoplet's Top Bloggers! Weeee!!

The parcel included: an Avery tote bag, an Avery reusable water bottle, an Avery USB drive (4GB) + lanyard, and an Avery lunchbag. Review: Avery Gift Items Review: Avery Gift Items
Avery Tote Bag
This tote is quite large, with an outer pocket across the width of the tote, as well as the main pocket that is zippered. Inside the main pocket, there are stretchy pockets against the inner walls to tuck things into.

What Do I Like?
I have a big thing for tote bags. I'm not sure why, but they are super handy and they help me keep things tidy and organized. We keep several in our trunk for shopping and storing things!

What Don't I Like?
Well, nothing actually. It's great. Several pockets, a zipper to close it up... it's pretty ideal!

Avery Water Bottle
The water bottle makes me smile because it's eco-friendly! It holds 24 oz (as indicated on the side of the bottle), and is tapered at the bottom (perfect for fitting into cup holders in the car) and has a really smooth, easy to use spout. I am an avid user of reusable water bottles and far prefer them to the store bought water bottles and these are always handy to have a few of!

What Do I Like?
It's BPA-free, recyclable, and is made in the USA. I don't know for sure, but I suspect it may be made from recycled plastic as well (given the name "Avery Dennison Eco Friendly). I am forever drinking water (I dehydrate very easily and don't handle heat very well - I know. I'm lame) so a good supply of reusable bottles is essential to me.

What Don't I Like?
Not a whole lot - I wish I knew a bit more about it though!

Avery Lunch Bag
The lunch bag is pretty slick - it has a handle for carrying of course, as well as a velcro closure. There is a mesh pocket on the side that can expand quite large to accomodate large drinks. The inside is insulated to keep your food either warm or cold.

What Do I Like?
It's a great size and expands surprisingly large, has an easy to clean material (especially because a spill can really ruin a lunch bag if you can't clean it well), and I love the expandable mesh pocket for drink bottles on the side.

What Don't I Like?
Honestly, it could even be a bit bigger. I use glass containers which are quite hefty and take up a fair amount of space and I wouldn't mind having another lunch bag like this one that's larger to accomodate the containers!

Avery USB Drive
The USB drive is a handy 4 GB - great to keep around in your bag for easy peasy file transfers. It has a magnetic closure and a landyard for carrying or wearing, whichever you should choose! It's also protected by the case and in the last few years, I have found USB drives in general are surprisingly hardy even when not padded, so this one will probably last a good while!

What Do I Like?
Easy to carry, no cap to lose (or have stolen from me by certain helpful felines).

What Don't I Like?
4GB isn't what it used to be! This is now considered a "small" capacity (in my neck of the woods anyway). This would be even more awesome as an 8 GB... or even 16 GB!

Thank you Shoplet and Avery for the great gifts, and thank you Shoplet again for selecting me as one of your top bloggers!

Full disclosure: These office supplies were sent as a gift and for review by Shoplet. I was not paid to write this review, but I do get to keep these lovely products.


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