Monday, April 9, 2012

Green & Glass & Good Sales!

Hiya readers!!

Today's post is a little bit different than the usual (no cats and/or stationery...I bet I just lost like ten readers). As my Twitter bio says, I tweet about "fine pens, funny cats, supreme paper, gadgets, going green, and my journey back to running". Well, I often integrate greenness into my blog posts about stationery that contain recycled content and such but I don't often talk about running. Except a little bit about gear here.

Since I had eaten rancid salmon the other weekend, I had basically been sitting around and feeling miserable for a few days so one day, I decided I needed to get out. I lifted some weights (with some feline assistance) and did some stretches and then when Kevin came home, we went to Whole Earth Provision and Central Market on South Lamar.

Whole Earth Provision had a few models of Vibram FiveFingers on sale...although we just went to browse. I didn't really need another pair (I have two: KSO Treksports and Jayas) and I tried on the Bikilas but decided to leave them. I did pick up a few pairs of Injinji toe socks to go with my other FiveFingers and when we went up to the counter, there was a SIGN. It said there was an additional 20% off all sale shoes. Normally, Bikilas are about $90.00 and they were on sale for $59.99. A decent sale but not enough to entice me to buy them. But an additional 20% off??

So my goodies today were:
3 pairs of Injinji socks (regularly $14.00) on sale for $9.99
1 pair of Vibram FiveFingers Bikilas (regularly $90.00) on sale for $59.99 + 20% off
Vibram Five Fingers & Injinji
Vibram Five Fingers Bikila
And then we used our Go Local card to get an additional 15% off our entire purchase! WOW!

Total paid =  $71.73

Then over to Central Market to get a few fruits. We also went to Whole Foods in search of a particular glass water bottle I coveted (because I've been using Siggs for years and they're a pain to keep squeaky clean and I can't put juice/other things in them). I got a Life Factory glass bottle, regularly $19.99, on sale for $15.99! Not amazing, but better than full price, right? It's 16 oz and FULLY dishwasher-safe! WOO!
Life Factory Glass Bottle
Life Factory Glass Bottle
Tomorrow, I am going to get my butt outside and start getting used to these new Bikilas. Fingers crossed for no migraine. There's nothing to motivate exercise like fun new gear, right?


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