Monday, May 6, 2013

Mailbox Goodies: Calepino, Stickers & A Painting

Soooooooo, I have been itching to try Calepino notebooks forever, and I just never bit the bullet on them. Why? They just aren't available at my usual retailers. Steve sent me this very pretty parcel here.
Calepino Box from Steve
Inside the box...Calepino goodies!!! HAEHAEHAHEAHE!
Calepino Goodies from Steve
Calepino Bag from Steve
I don't know if this was just sheer luck or if he already knew, but I am obsessed with tote bags. It is one of my "associated addictions". A Calepino tote bag? Magical. This is practically a unicorn.
He even sent a present for my neglected husband Kevin. (This seems to be a new trend... the Andersons also sent Kevin a present... I don't know if I like this!)
Card & Notepad from Steve
Adorable card? Yes please. I hated having to part with the notepad to give it to Kevin...
My real mailbox is pretty awesome, but sometimes my e-mail box (is that a thing? E-box?) is pretty lucky too. My pen-pal Tiffany sent me this - a painting she did of my Ken Cavers green swirl cigar fountain pen. It's pretty darned good, I'd say. Thanks Tiffany, I love it!
Ken Cavers Green Swirl Cigar Painting by Tiffany
I also received some National Stationery Week stickers from Margaret at Write At Home! Thank you Margaret! You all know I love stickers, and I have now discovered another site to peruse, woo hoo!
National Stationery Week Stickers


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