Monday, March 25, 2013

Mailbox Goodies: Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Pens?

I lied. There are pens. And oranges have nothing to do with it. In addition to the TWSBI Diamond 580, which is equipped with a 1.5 mm stub nib, the Levenger True Writer Kyoto has a broad nib, and the Faber-Castell Pearwood has a fine nib. Lovely pens that I look forward to reviewing.
TWSBI Diamond 580 & Faber-Castell Ambition & Levenger True Writer Kyoto
I also acquired some other paper goodies at Anderson Pens, as well as a bunch of mesh that I had already put away and was far too lazy to reacquire. I know you just want to see the pen anyway.
Anderson Pens - Pens and Paper!
The awesome notecards on the right belong to Kevin. But I'm going to steal one or two because they're pretty awesome.
And not to be outdone, stickers are also here, to prove they are just as awesome as pens. And they are, especially when they are extra special unique stickers from overseas that are one of a kind (hence unique) and have animals on them. Thank you Storm!! It's no surprise I love these!
Awesome Stickers from Storm


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