Friday, May 17, 2013

Pen Pal Scribbles

May 3. 2013 - iPhone 021
May 3. 2013 - iPhone 020
May 3. 2013 - iPhone 019
May 3. 2013 - iPhone 018


Shanti Vincent said...

Is that gold dust on that last picture saying "STAY INKED"? Lovely writing. I just purchased a bottle of Sailor Fountain Pen Jentle Ink (Sky Blue) this week from my nearest Fountain pen store called "Fountain Pen Hospital"... I'm so in love with my fountain pens and ink collection. I also came in from work tonight to find the Waterman Lady Patricia pen and it's so beautiful. I'm just writing letters to penpals now for fun lol

Azizah Asgarali said...

No dust, that's just the ink still being wet and being reflective :) But now that you mention it, it totally does look like gold dust! Thank you for your kind words! I LOVE the Sky Blue as well!! Beautiful ink, amazing sheen on it. I couldn't agree more - writing to pen pals just for the joy of using your pens and inks is half the fun :D

Mike Grove said...

Oooh, Penpal Scribbles...what does that remind me of...? Ah yes, I owe you a letter! Well, my Conway Stewart Nelson is back today from the menders after I dropped it and it broke clean in half (!), so I'll start with that..incoming! (Well soon...).

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