Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review: @poppin The Main Attraction Silver Pen With Magnetic Cap

What. That title is mind blowing, isn't it? It has so many fancy words, like poppin., attraction, silver, and magnetic. Poppin. is pretty much a world of rainbow stationery p0rn. A huge thank you to Mike from The Clicky Post for sending this fine pen for review (also a lot of stationery p0rn there).


Length: 5.5"
Diameter: 13 mm
Weight: 41g/1.5oz
Fill type: Ballpoint
Price: $16.00USD
Where to buy: Poppin.

@poppin The Main Attraction Silver Pen With Magnetic Cap Packaging
Whoa, this is pretty cool packaging. A slide out box of some solid, thick board of some sort. Inside the box, in a foam bed, the pen is safely nestled. Pretty cool for a ballpoint. It's kind of Apple-esque. I think this box even makes the Keep It? cut...

@poppin The Main Attraction Silver Pen With Magnetic Cap Capped
The pen is a thick, blunt rod of a pen. I did not expect it to be so large! I popped it out of its little bed in the box to check it out. The cap is short when compared to the length of the body. The clip is metal as well, matching the body, and is built in. The end has a narrow blunt edge where it is designed for the cap to post. The whole body is shiny and silver. The only writing on the pen is in a light matte white, near the end of the pen, where it says poppin. Overall, it has a nice appearance that I think is appealing.
@poppin The Main Attraction Silver Pen With Magnetic Cap Uncapped
But this is a pretty big pen.
@poppin The Main Attraction Silver Pen With Magnetic Cap With rOtring

The Main Attraction silver pen writes well with the refill it was shipped with. It is advertised as a black Swiss-made ink that I assume would suggest it is a premium ballpoint ink. All I can tell you is that it didn't blob, which made me happy. The pen itself is a heavy pen so after awhile, my hand did tire, and it's quite large to hold, though the section design did help my grip, which made holding the pen more comfortable. Once it was posted, it quickly became too heavy for me. It behaved well though.
@poppin The Main Attraction Silver Pen With Magnetic Cap Writing Sample
  • Highly entertaining magnetic cap. 
  • Bold tipped ballpoint refill. 
  • Ballpoint ink that doesn't blob!
  • Design of section holds fingers in place while writing.
  • Refillable (of course).
@poppin The Main Attraction Silver Pen With Magnetic Cap Posted
  • Somewhat girthy for smaller hands. 
  • Difficult to re-cap because of magnet polarity, unless you are really efficient or have good aim (which I am not, and do not).  
  • Top heavy when posted.

This is an interesting pen. I was personally very attracted to the magnetic concept, though I think the $16.00USD is a little bit steep. Nevertheless, it's a pretty fun pen that is cool looking. It writes well - it's great when a ballpoint doesn't blob - but you'd have to decide if it's worth $16.00, of course. Mostly, it was entertaining to play with the magnetic ends.

Thank you again, Mike. I am magnet crazed.


Lesa said...

I like big pens and I cannot lie ... (Seriously, I do like them. I might have to check this one out.)

Beth Walker said...

Wow that is one sleek pen. I love silver pens I think they're so elegant looking and very classy.

Adam said...

Poppin create some great quality pens, i've used mine for ages and whenever it runs out of ink I just get refills. It's well worth the investment. I am tempted by magnets though...

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