Saturday, February 1, 2014

Need a Pen Fix? @AndersonPens

Yes. Always. I have been drooling over the progress of the Anderson Pens brick & mortar store on Facebook and Instagram, as they have posted pictures of the changes.

Check out how beautiful this place looks MYGODIWANTTOLIVEINIT. Are you anywhere near Anderson Pens? Their location is:

Anderson Pens
10 E. College ave., Suite 112A
Appleton, WI  54911

Have you been there? Have you written to them? Do you have fantasies about their store? Do you long to swim in a pool of ink? Have you swam in a pool of ink? Do you have pictures? I digress. Really though, have you visited Brian and Lisa at their retail store?

Holy smokes I can hardly breathe. Hyperventilating. It would be such a delight to just walk into this place and touch everything and walk out with ONE OF EVERYTHING (to satisfy my one-of-everythingitis). Or two, just in case. Three to be safe.

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