Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review: ATELEIA Leather Wallet - Dark Brown @ATELEIACraft

When Chris sent over his brass pen for me to review, he also sent along a leather wallet - thanks Chris! Check out the ATELEIA Kickstarter page!
Review: ATELEIA Leather Wallet - Dark Brown @ATELEIACraft

Price: $45USD
Where to buy: Back it on Kickstarter

Review: ATELEIA Leather Wallet - Dark Brown @ATELEIACraft
The wallet is a three pocket wallet and is a slim-style design that Chris created to replace his George Costanza wallet. There are two full pockets on each side, and in the center is a wide open pocket. The stitching is brown linen thread that matches the colour of the leather. The leather is shiny and finishes, and the ATELEIA logo is stamped in the bottom corner of the wallet in a minimalist manner. The inside of the pockets are unfinished, but they are fairly smooth.
Review: ATELEIA Leather Wallet - Dark Brown @ATELEIACraft
Review: ATELEIA Leather Wallet - Dark Brown @ATELEIACraft

The wallet holds five - six credit card-type cards, five to six business cards, and six or seven bills folded in half. In its new state. With use, leather stretches and softens a little, so as you use your wallet, it will stretch out a little and will hold a few more cards and bills. This is normal, so don't worry. It's a great wallet for going out, when all you need is your ID, a debit and credit card, and some cash. Ditch the giant wallet, even for the ladies, this does the job.

Upon its arrival, the wallet feels very soft and malleable already, and surprisingly stretchy. To heck with business cards - I stuffed it with a debit card, credit card, insurance, license, as well as store loyalty cards even though I hate them (I like free things, okay?). Awesome.

SBREBrown also gave it a whirl and loved it. A huge coincidence: it arrived the day two days before his wallet fell apart, so after I had a few days to take it everywhere with me, he has taken it and has been using it ever since. Thumbs up from both of us.

  • Minimalist design.
  • Thin and pocketable. 
  • Stretchy leather.
  • The main pocket is a bit loose.
  • No coin storage (but that's not the wallet's design).
  • Euro bills are too wide to fit (50s and up). 
Review: ATELEIA Leather Wallet - Dark Brown @ATELEIACraft

This is a really great minimalist wallet. I know I pointed out there's no coin storage, but it's a minimalist wallet, so it's not really supposed to have that! This is a simple, flat, convenient way to tote those important cards and bills around. Check out the Kickstarter page!
Review: ATELEIA Leather Wallet - Dark Brown @ATELEIACraft
I usually use a Mitchell Leather money clip wallet, so you can see the ATELEIA Leather Wallet is right up my alley!
I received this wallet free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. There are no affiliate links in this review.


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