Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Serious Nibbage Part 7: Pelikan Souverän M600 Red Stripe @sbrebrown @ThePenCompany

Serious Nibbage Pelikan Souveran M600
SBRE Brown and I talk about about the Pelikan Souverän M600 Red Stripe fountain pen. Is this pen serious nibbage? Thank you to The Pen Company for sending this pen for review and Serious Nibbage! We were not paid to do either the reviews or Serious Nibbage, but we were sent a pen to review. 
Check out my review of the Pelikan Souverän M600 Red Stripe fountain pen
Check out SBRE Brown's review of the Pelikan Souverän M600 Red Stripe fountain pen.

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Sooza said...

Nice video. Lovely pen. Just recently picked up a M605 in navy blue at Galeria Kaufhof for like half the list price for a M600. They say it's an "export" version but Kaufhof's been selling this one pretty much exclusively for years. Wondering about the exact definition of the word export here. Anyway, I really like the size of this pen compared to the M400 and M200 and very much enjoy the classy, understated blue color with the silver trims. It only comes with a medium nib and that's where the trouble starts. Whoever gave Pelikan the idea that this qualifies as an M nib? And mine had serious troubles starting up and skipped like crazy :-( And it was wayyyyy too wide to be useful for everyday writing. Packed up the whole thing, sent it to Pelikan and requested an F nib. Never thought I'd see the day. One week later the pen arrived back here and man, what a change! While the F nib still lays down a substantial and nicely wet line, it's not this mean, fat line anymore. No skipping this time. Yay! And the nib is still soft and gives some characterful writing. Very enjoyable pen, especially for the price tag Kaufhof has attached to it.

Maybelline (On Fountain Pens) said...

Wow! I haven't been here for some time and only just realised that awesome stuff are going on! Nice video review of the Pelikan pen, and lucky you both to be able to meet each other! I'm just too far away in sunny Singapore...

William Eagleburger said...

I have an M600 in white tortoise, and an M605 in all blue. I really like both pens and they are definitely serious nibbage! Unlike Dr. Brown, this is about as large a pen I can handle. Having smallish hands this works fine but the M400/200 size works great for me as well. Really enjoying the videos! Keep them coming.

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