Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kickstarter: The CUBE Machined Pen Storage @KarasKustoms @ClickyPost

This is the frosted cake of the cake world. Dudek Modern Goods and Karas Kustoms are teaming up to bring us machined pen storage! Visit the Kickstarter page and secure one for yourself! Obviously, all that's missing is a hot pink one...
The name CUBE was born from a combination of two things. Mike Dudek’s (ClickyPost.com) original walnut, 9 hole pen holder is aptly named the “Cube” and the atomic number for the element aluminum is 13, so combine them and you get “CU13E” (the 13 looks like a letter B, get it?).
Pledges start at $65USD and go up to $205 and more. Each CUBE is machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum and features black Delrin inserts, rubber feet, custom surface finishing, and high-quality engraving. There are five colours to pick from - silver, black, orange, blue, and red. 


Aleks Gutiérrez said...

ive been holding on from the wood cube but this one...i wont miss it!! :D

Dave P said...

Would only seem to work with certain pens like Lamy Al Stars.

Ken said...

I think you could get black Delrin inserts with different diameter holes for thinner pens.

Maybe there will be a Deep Purple as a stretch goal.

Independent villas in Bangalor said...

very very nice

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