Monday, November 24, 2014

Review: Scent-Sibles Scented 6 Colour Multipen @RaymondGeddes

Harry from RaymondGeddes sent me a parcel of goodies recently and it had one of my most favourite things: something scented. Not that I'm obsessed with perfumes, because I'm not. I just like scented stationery. Shall we smell this pen now? Yes.

Review: Scent-Sibles Scented 6 Colour Multipen @RaymondGeddes
Body Material: Plastic
Length:  5.5"
Price: $10.20USD/12
Where to buy: RaymondGeddes


This is a pretty cute pen - it's not super long, and the barrel isn't really thick (like with some multipens). The barrel is clear and has little drawings with the names of the scents of the inks on it. There is a plastic clip and six tabs around the top of the barrel to pick your ink colours.


Sometimes with multipens, one of the colours don't work as well. Between both pens, only the pink from one of them didn't work 100% and it still wrote quite well. It's just that it skipped more than I would have liked and it annoyed me a bit. The rest of the colours worked just fine and were quite smooth and consistent. There was no ink blobbing - another issue that can afflict multipens.

The colours of the pen and their matching scents are (at least from what I could figure out by sniffing them):
Light blue - rockin' root beer float
Purple - groovy grape snow cone
Red - hooray for PB & J!
Pink - whatta! melon
Orange - sinful cinnamon bun
Green - sour power! dill pickle
Review: Scent-Sibles Scented 6 Colour Multipen @RaymondGeddes
Well. The colours are pretty common, and they're really nice. I like them all, especially the blue, purple, and pink. The scents are... less common. Dill pickle?! I've never come across that scent in scented inks before. Very unusual. My favourite scents were the groovy grape snow cone and the whatta! melon. The others were a little harder to identify, and while I love peanut butter, I don't like the scent in my ink, because it feels like I had peanut butter smeared somewhere. The others I figured out by scribbling and sniffing the ink patch. The grape and watermelon smell really good. The root beer isn't bad either but I have no idea why it's matched to the blue ink!

To pick a new colour, you just pop the purple down (in between the clip) and it retracts whatever colour is in use, and you can pick a new colour. So far, nothing has gotten jammed.


This is an interesting scented multipen - it looks cute and it's scented. The scents are pretty unusual though! Nevertheless, multipens are a great gift, especially for students, so picking up a box of these is not a bad idea. The scents aren't overpowering, so if scents bother you, don't worry too much!

I received this pen free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. There are no affiliate links in this review.


Denette said...

Oh my gosh...multipens!!! I had completely forgotten about multipens! I had a couple of pretty awesome multipens in elementary school and jr. high and I LOVED writing with them! I am pretty sure that they made me the cool kid that I was! :) Wow, what a blast from the past. Now I think I need to get one, maybe two so I can give one to my niece so I can entice her to by my pen-pal (she's 9). ;)

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