Saturday, February 14, 2015

Serious Nibbage Part 24: TWSBI Diamond 580

Check out my review.
Check out SBRE Brown's review.
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Tina said...

Thank you for the honest review! Please put the kitty on camera more often! 😉


Stephen DeLong said...

Provocative and scary! I have a Diamond 580 F and a Vac 700 EF, each 2+/- years old. You have me pouring over them with my LED loupe, looking for incipient cracks. No sign in either. Not being a flex or stub kind of guy, maybe I just don't bear down hard enough to cause a problem, or maybe mine came from The Good Batch of plastic.

As for the review, spot on for the comments from both of you. I previously had (then sold) the Dia 580 and Vac 700's clonal ancestors - an M400 & an M800 and two Custom 823s, respectively. The TWSBIs were a low-cost way to get back to demonstrators, which I missed. And they have startlingly good steel nibs (which I didn't hear either of you mention). Still, just to view the inks (if not the full mechanisms) and as a cheap entry point, I would probably buy a half-dozen Lamy Vistas, I think. Or you could just loan me your M1005 for a few years. : )

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