Saturday, December 22, 2012

I Made Another Terrible Pattern.

Inspired by Anika's incredible patterns lately... but not nearly as awesome. But I've gotta start somewhere, right?? Maybe eventually they will become le awesome.
Made with Pilot Hi-Tec-Cs in 0.4 mm and 0.3m tip sizes, of various colors - violet, yellow ocher, green, pink, yellow, light blue, orange, and red. 


Heather said...

I think your pattern is pretty awesome too! It's very bright and colourful and the circles look fun. And the more patterns you draw, the better they'll become.

Azizah Asgarali said...

Thanks Heather :D I figure it's a good "excuse" to use up my large assortment of pens... then I can get more. Buahahaha!

Jennifer Frith said...

i think they are lovely! :) patterns have always intrigued me. this one looks fun!

Azizah Asgarali said...

Why thank you!! I'm actually really enjoying the patterns! Takes zero artistic talent, perfect for me hee hee

KenouniRenashin said...

I like this one! Reminds me of bubbles,or paper chains that I used to
make for my room at Christmas :D (With some metallic additions, I think
this one would actually make a good wrapping paper too.)

Azizah Asgarali said...

Thank you :) HAHA I remember those things!! That's a great idea. I like homemade wrapping paper hehe

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