Monday, December 24, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: New Toys!

These two fountain pens were giveaways - one from Write To Me Often, and the other from Raven's March! So much fun!! Complete with beautiful handwritten letters.
Fountain Pen Surprises
Scored me a Namiki Falcon from Tyler at Organics Studio! It's really a neat pen!
Namiki Falcon Soft Fine
I won't tell you what's in here just yet, because a review is coming... but Resor Shop sent this over for review! Don't forget, for the month of January, Gourmet Pens readers get free shipping at Resor Shop! Check out this post here for details how to apply the discount!
Resor Shop Surprise Package!


Erin said...

You won a Falcon?! From whom? I'm so jealous! It's one of those pens that I could never afford on my own, at least until I finish grad school and start my career!

Azizah Asgarali said...

WHOOPS! MY BAD! I should have specified far more clearly lol! I did buy it from him used, but it was a great price :) Sorry! It's quite nice, great price. I'm very impressed with it.

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