Friday, December 14, 2012

Currently Inked

There's no real purpose to this blog post aside from a few pretty pictures. Pen p0rn, as we like to call it. I wanted to try this ink in this pen because it's supposed to have a red sheen so I thought the combination would be perfect. And it is.

This is a vintage Waterman 12 eyedropper + wet noodle nib, inked with Sailor Jentle Sky Blue.
Sailor Jentle Sky High + Waterman 12 Vintage Eyedropper
I fill my eyedroppers using a Pipetteman. Keeps things clean.
Sailor Jentle Sky High + Waterman 12 Vintage Eyedropper
1 ml of ink.
Sailor Jentle Sky High + Waterman 12 Vintage Eyedropper
Yep, the pen holds the entire sample, with room for more!
Sailor Jentle Sky High
Yummy, isn't it?
Sailor Jentle Sky High + Waterman 12 Vintage Eyedropper
Shades nicely. Disregard that I wrote sky high. Clearly my brain malfunctioned.
Sailor Jentle Sky High Splotch
Oops. I made a splotch. Disregard the thanksgiving writing. It's sloppy and was just for getting my pen flowing.... last month.


mjcong said...

u seriously have a pipetteman at home?! wth!

Bonnie Jean Woolger said...

very nice :)

Azizah Asgarali said...

LOL it's very handy...

Estivalia said...

That is one gorgeous pen! Love that flex <3
I only have my Ahab, and it had a little accident :( (I accidentally poured acetone on my desk, where my Ahab was, and it "ate" the pastic. It looks like poo now u_u)

Azizah Asgarali said...

It sure is :D Best flex I've got!

OH NO!!! That is so sad! Is it salvageable?? Good thing they're affordable hey? :/ Poor Ahab.

Estivalia said...

it's pretty much functional, but where the acetone touched the plastic it turned cloudy opaque (it was a clear demostrator) and it kinda "melt" the plastic. It works, but looks like hell :(

Azizah Asgarali said...

Oh no :( I know what you mean... Le sigh. Mine is clear too. Put baystate blue in it. Tried to clean it with alcohol before realizing alcohol makes it cloudy. It's soiled now. Whoops.

Estivalia said...

at least it's a cheapie :p gives me time to think of a color to get (clear demonstrator = lame choice IMHO hahaha)

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