Monday, December 17, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: Fountain Pens & Stuff

Well my lovely readers, I have some exciting goodies this week to share. Actually they arrived throughout last week and I held out sharing most of it. That's a lie. I didn't. I leaked a few pictures because I couldn't help myself. But here it is, in all its glory.

This is a handmade wooden custom fountain pen from Allegory Pens. It is custom because I opted for Bethlehem Olivewood and Antique Walnut wood.
Allegory Pens Fountain Pen
This pencil from Allegory Pens actually belongs to Kevin! Yes. I let him have it... since he bought it. For himself. This is made of the same woods as my fountain pen.
Allegory Pens Pencil
This beauty comes from my hometown of Winnipeg where Ken Cavers (@drgoretex) resides with his pen making skillz.
Ken Cavers Green Swirl Cigar Fountain Pen
My Field Notes goodies came in, and they sure are nifty! And smell amazing.
Field Notes 
Since Caran d'Ache discontinued Caribbean Sea, I realized I needed to stock up on a few, so I made a quick Goldspot order!... And added Private Reserve's Ebony Blue in to get free shipping. And got a free Parker pen case as well!
Goldspot Pens Shipment: Pen Case & Fountain Pen Ink
And some stickers.
GetGlue Stickers


Chitinid said...

What are you going to write in those Field Notes with? Isn't the Expedition the one that won't hold ink because it uses waterproof Yupo paper?

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