Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review: Schneider Xpress Document Pen - Red Ink

Kerry from Stride sent this pen for me to review, along with a few others (such as the XB Slider Viscoglide rollerball pens I reviewed not too long ago). Thanks Kerry!
Schneider Xpress Document Pen
The Xpress document pen is a very unique looking pen. I assumed it was a ballpoint and was surprised when I pulled the cap off and found the marker tip. I like marker tip pens because they tend not to bleed through cheaper papers (hello, Filofax). This is a very bright and colorful! You can't miss it. It's a thick pen and kind of rubbery. It's pretty comfortable to hold and write with. The cap is postable so writing extensively is no problem whatsoever. There are little nubs that hold the cap on quite snugly so you'll most likely not lose it. And it also makes it very satisfying to cap and post.
Schneider Xpress Document Pen
Schneider Xpress Document Pen
The tip is impressive - it's solid and doesn't feather even with pressure. Or pop ink when you drag the tip funny. It's super smooth and takes almost no pressure to write with.

I quite like this pen both in terms of its cheery color, nice writing experience, but also because the ink is waterproof. From my little writing sample, the red does bleed a little but it certainly remains completely visible on the page so I'd have to say it is quite waterproof. In addition, the pen won't dry up if you leave the cap off for several days. That's good... not that I'd ever do it to my pens though!
Schneider Xpress Document Pen Writing Sample
The only thing I don't like on it is the clip. It's large and wide and kind of peculiar looking, though it matches the design of the pen. It's just not my style. I'm very particular about my clips. Well, that and the fact that there's no recycled materials or refills available.

Office Depot - $2.79

I'd have to say, of all the marker pens I've tried, the Schneider Xpress document pen ranks quite highly in my books. Quite good for Filofax users! I can overlook the clip. My major complaint is that there's so much pen and it's not recycled material or refillable. Bummer. The newer bodies are even nicer!! Must acquire more!


mjcong said...

0.8mm? doesnt look that way on the post...

Azizah Asgarali said...

I know, it totally doesn't. But maybe once the tip breaks in more, maybe it is 0.8? Funny measuring system I guess.

Esbri said...

I love t a coworker didnt like it gave it to me and i adore it. Great pen , little smear even for a leftie like me. Great review.

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