Saturday, January 26, 2013

Currently Inked

Currently Inked
This is a bit disgusting, isn't it?
Currently Inked
Gorgeously disgusting.


Lee Smallwood said...

That's the apple green Safari, not the lime green one, right?

Azizah Asgarali said...

That's right! Wouldn't mind getting a hold of the lime green one though hehe

Millie said...

Haha, I have 3 pens inke!

Estivalia said...

That's a lovely assortment of pens and inks~ And I love all the colorful Lamys ;)

Robb Swenson said...

This is what I enjoy about women's daily carry. They are so much more creative and colorful. The first time I inked a pen with PR Orange Crush, it scared me. It was so bright, but shaded so well that I was mesmerized. Now Orange is a stable color for me. I still don't bring it to work though. I guess I don't feel bad now, having nine pens inked. Thanks for showing a sample of each pen used. I would also recommend getting a custom pen from JEB pens, they are wonderful.

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