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Review: Nomadic PD-03 Upright Stand Pencil Case - Navy

I have many pencil cases. Rilakkuma, Lihit Lab, Converse, Clairefontaine, Nomadic, Marty Cohen...Pencil cases are an associated addiction to loving pens and such. One needs somewhere exciting to store all their goods! One of my favorite brands is Nomadic, and all of mine come from JetPens because that's the first place I saw them, and there's a great selection there. At the beginning of my foray into fountain pens, I only had a few (hahahahaha) and I wanted some way to keep them in my backpack where they would be safe, and could also stand on my desk when I was taking notes. In swoops the Nomadic PD-03 Upright Stand Pencil Case. I picked the navy because it seemed a little more exciting than the black.
Nomadic PD-03 Upright Stand Pencil Case - Navy
Nomadic PD-03 Upright Stand Pencil Case - 
JetPens says,
Nomadic is a case line from Japan that produces highly organized bags and pouches. It's a perfect fit with the on-the-go lifestyle of Asia. This sturdy and stylish nylon pencil case acts like a pouch while on the go and transforms into an upright pen holder when in use. The case features two inner pockets to separate different writing instruments. There is also a small compartment on the base for easy access to erasers, etc. Round base has a diameter of 2.5 inches. Height when closed is 8 inches.
 Nomadic PD-03 Upright Stand Pencil Case - Navy
Well, that describes it pretty well. It kind of looks like a torpedo a bit. There are two zipper pulls, one side opening deeper than the other, which makes it easier to open up and get your utensils in there. Not only are there two inner pockets on the inside, there are also two slots on the inner walls - making that a grand total of four pocket homes for your pens! Actually, it's really great because it allows me to separate fountain pens by body type if I want (to prevent dings and scratches). So far, I have only used the little compartment on the bottom to hold small ink cartridges.
Nomadic PD-03 Upright Stand Pencil Case - Navy
I love that I can open up the pencil case quite wide. It's great for pens with or without clips - pens without clips can go into the inner wall pockets without worry of sliding out. I never have to dig around for a pen. Even if there aren't fountain pens in here, I can tell right away based on the cap which pen I'm looking at, and it makes it easy to spot which pen I want. I usually hate when I have to dump all my pens out of my pencil case to find the one I want.
Nomadic PD-03 Upright Stand Pencil Case - 
The nylon is easy to clean - a feature I very much appreciate with pencil cases. Especially for a pencil case that lovingly holds inked fountain pens. You will find that Nomadic pencil cases are really great quality - tough materials and firm stitching. In all the years I've had mine (3+), no stitches have given or pulled, the nylon hasn't scuffed, and the zippers are still in tip-top condition. Love it!

I have 13 pens in here and it closes up with no problem. I wouldn't stuff any more in there, but 13 is totally reasonable!

Nomadic PD-03 Upright Stand Pencil Case - Navy
Goods inside:
Nomadic PD-03 Upright Stand Pencil Case - Navy
Action shot.
Some Goods Inside
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Check it out...
The Pen Addict

JetPens - $17.00
Nomadic pencil cases are not really cheap, but neither is any other good quality pencil case. Obviously, I am not a traveler or living an on-the-go Asian lifestyle (*looks at nest of blanket, laptop, pens, and notebooks*), but that doesn't mean I can't have this pencil case. It makes my life easier and I enjoy using it. This is a useful, good-looking pencil case - professional enough for work purposes should you wish. Nomadic makes really great pencil cases. Nice range of colors, great designs, and all carried by JetPens!! Who can complain about that?


mjcong said...

hahaha ironically i was just looking at this pencil case...

Azizah Asgarali said...

Not surprisingly, I love it! It's a little funny looking though.

Mike Grove said...

Excellent review of an excellent case - I want one! Unfortunately, I can't (yet) find one in the

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