Friday, January 25, 2013

Whiskers & Paws: January 2013 Edition

Ellie The Havana Brown
Can you see how she gets stepped on/kicked when she's not on the tiles? Poor thing.
Tyco the Ragdoll Curls Up
What a cutie.
Don't you wish you could fit on this shelf so you could snuggle with him?
Peaches the Bengal Warms Up
Peaches the Bengal Warms Up
Tyco on a tree
He almost looks intelligent here, doesn't he?
Tyco The Ragdoll Defends His Box
As usual, cat likes box that is too small for him.
Tyco The Ragdoll Defends His Box
And he will defend it to the end.
Koa and Ellie
All this stuff was up here while we were cleaning.
Koa and Ellie

Just Koa in a Box
Looks proud.
Guess where he was? Silly Koa.
Who needs TV when you have a cat?
Koa in a box, still.
Nap time draws near.
Koa The Bengal in a Cat Bed
Another nap.


Estivalia said...

I love your kitties! They all look so different and I bet their personalities are very different too :)

Azizah Asgarali said...

Thanks :D Ah yes. They are all so different from each other lol. Wish they were all as easy as Tyco..

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