Thursday, January 10, 2013

Resor Shop Review: Rhodiarama - Blank, Purple

This pretty candy-like notebook is the Rhodiarama by Rhodia, in purple. Thank you to Diana at Resor Shop for sending this over to me to review and fall in love with! First off, Resor Shop's packaging is top notch. I almost didn't want to open it because it was so cute. ... But then I ripped into it.
Rhodiarama - Resor Shop Packaging
Beautiful, isn't it?
Rhodiarama Packaging
Rhodia, you done good.
Features (from Resor Shop)
  • Hardbound Italian leatherette cover
  • 90 g ivory paper, acid-free & pH neutral
  • 96 sheets - ruled or blank 
  • Ribbon marker
  • Elastic closure
  • Inner pocket for notes and cards
  • Elegant round corners
  • 3 ½ x 5 ½"
  • Made in France
The Rhodiarama is just like the Webnotebook (a.k.a the Webbie), except it only comes in A6, and has blank or ruled pages. I'm sure most of you have seen, touched, or used a Webbie before, so I won't blab too much about the basics of this notebook. If you're curious about the Webbie as well, check out my review of it.

I LOVE the inside covers - a rainbow zebra. It's like a warped dream. It looks great and makes the Rhodiarama a million times more fun than the Webbie.
Rhodiarama Inside Cover - Awesome Zebra
I don't know why a zebra. But it's brilliant.
Rhodiarama Back Pocket
I kind of wish Rhodia would make a Rhodiarama with the zebra on the front and back covers. That would be truly fab.
In addition, it's just a very cute notebook and pairs up well with other cute pens and pencil cases. My dream come true, really.
Rhodiarama and Pencil Case Hang Out
While I've used a Rhodia Webbie before, I never loved the look of ink on the paper like I do with the Rhodiarama. The only obvious difference is my Rhodiarama is blank, so I can't really say I prefer the Rhodiarama to the Webbie... except for the fact that I DO! Look at it. It's purple and joyous and vibrant, instead of black. Ok. There's an orange Webbie too. But I really am pleased that Rhodia released all these colors. I wish they were a bit cheaper though.

I can't get over how crisp and intense the Private Reserve Ebony Blue looks on this paper. The yellowish color of the paper provides great contrast. The lines of the writing are so precise. No bleeding or feathering, which I think is a result of the ink, pen, and paper. Either way, it looks awesome.
Rhodiarama Writing Sample
Written with a fine nib fountain pen.
Rhodiarama - bleedthrough with very wet fountain pen
Paper tolerates a fine nib very, very well.
While Rhodia paper is very fountain pen-friendly, there was bleed through with a crazy wet, inky pen - my wet noodle Waterman. It still qualifies as fountain pen-friendly to me, as there is no feathering, which is more important to me than bleed through. 
Rhodiarama Writing Sample
You can see bleed through on the left side from the previous page. That was written with my crazy wet inky flex nib, as is the right hand side. The ink is well tolerated on this side of the page.
Resor Shop - $18.50 (and free shipping for Gourmet Pens readers through January!)
Yes, yes, yes. Unless you dislike yellow paper, or hate paying a premium for notebooks (in which case you're probably hanging out on the wrong blog... *embarrassed*...) you will probably like the Rhodiarama quite a bit. The colors are plentiful and very vibrant and cheery. Great paper for your fountain pens, too! Imagine having the whole rainbow on your shelf.... yum!

Rhodiarama - Purple - Rhodia Logo


Sandra Strait said...

Great review! I'm hoping for a larger size as well, but I'll be buying one of these before too long either way!

kp said...

Very nice review! You know, I love these colors. I want one soooooo bad. It's such a nice alternative to black. But, I have so many notebooks right now that I need to go on notebook detox. For realz. I'm "up to here" in notebooks. Is there some type of cure for pen+notebook addiction? Seriously, though, Nice review, and I really do like this particular color. For some reason though, the taupe color is calling my name. (As is poppy!) They are difficult to resist.

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