Monday, January 28, 2013

Mailbox Goodies: INKED & Then Some

Since we were away for almost two weeks, I have neglected not only my blog but the mailbox as well. My birthday also passed, and while we don't celebrate our birthdays or exchange crazy (or any) gifts, Kevin always likes to surprise me. Good thing I'm so slow I never figure out what's going on, or his job would be a lot more difficult. This epic gift was waiting for me at home.
Pilot Iroshizuku Inks
All the inks! No doubles in this batch.
Pilot Iroshizuku Inks
Another pretty view.
Pilot Iroshizuku Inks
Including my doubles at the back!
Pilot Iroshizuku Inks
*Drool* How will I pick my favorites?? I guess it doesn't matter. MUAHAHAHA.
Pilot Iroshizuku Inks
How will Kevin ever top this?
I also brought home a few goods with me, including a Waterman Havana Brown ink (which has been on my wish list for awhile), and a few Jinhao fountain pens. I also acquired some goods from the University of Manitoba. Just some random fun things to experiment with. The Sailor comes from Goulet Pens after I was accidentally sent the wrong colour ink! Thanks Goulets!
Jinhao Fountain Pen
They're pretty cool.
Various Goodies - Sharpie, Faber-Castell, PaperMate
This would suggest I have artistic capabilities. But I do not.
Sailor and Waterman Inks

Also waiting for me at home were two Pawalla boxes I won for the kitties, full of surprises! Half of this stuff has been opened and the cats have already gotten into most of it. So helpful they are.
Pawalla Gift Box
This is like cat heaven. Food. Box.
Pawalla Gift Box
Oh, and catnip.
Last but not least, a big thank you to Pentel for sending this amazing parcel with some nifty marker pens I haven't yet tried, and a set of Sliccis in the 0.25 mm size! Awesome.
Pentel Slicci


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