Monday, March 4, 2013

Mailbox Goodies: Ink & Paper Place Goodies

Le Sigh. When Brian Goulet announced on Ink Nouveau that Caran d'Ache discontinued the ENTIRE line of their inks, I had to pick up a few more. I didn't get Saffron (despite being tempted) because I have several oranges and they're already expensive. ... Kinda kicking myself for not having gotten it now but anyway... let's not dwell on that. So sad. I now have these three, and three of Caribbean Sea, ha ha. I love that colour.
Caran d'Ache Inks
Um, also I went to Paper Place today. I needed more envelopes because InCoWriMo kind of cleaned me out! Which is pretty awesome, no?
Some of you will get some prett-ay envelopes in your mailbox!
The Frolic Collection Page Markers
KITTIES! And various other flora/fauna.
Clairefontaine Le Carnet & Weird Animal Stickers
I've wanted to get these Clairefontaine Le Carnets for awhile. Thrilled to find them in my local store! Couldn't pick. Got both. And yes, that is a tin full of weird stickers. My dream come true.
Also, my mailbox was pretty pleased to receive some FPGeeks postcards and a pin, in honour of my new role in helping out at FPGeeks!
FPGeeks Postcars & Pin


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