Saturday, March 30, 2013 Has The Midori STAR Edition!

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Miscellaneous Store LogoTo celebrate the 5th year existence of the passport size TRAVELER'S notebook, Midori teamed up with Hong Kong based STAR ferry company and launches its STAR EDITION limited edition. The range's gem is the camel color leather cover with an emerald elastic band, the same as the limited edition for the regular size TRAVELER'S notebook two year back. The range further includes a BRASS pen, BRASS clips, stamps, masking tapes and other accessories to customize your TRAVELER'S notebook.

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Midori TRAVELER'S notebook is a hand cut leather cover with an extensive range of refills and supplements to create your own personalized notebook. From different paper refills (plain, lined, grid, drawing), to card holders and zipper files, the content can be adjusted and replaced easily and any time, whereas the leather cover is build to last decades, aging well and thus tells the story of the user and his/hers daily travel endeavors.
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STAR ferry company is a Hong Kong based ferry company that still operates the Victoria Harbour today. With the STAR edition TRAVELER'S notebook and the paper refill, a ticket for this ferry ride is included (valid until December 31st 2013). The limited edition series is heavily inspired by the details of the ferry company, like the deep green hues, brass details and marina artifacts.

Across stores in Europe from March 25, 2013. The STAR edition will retail at €44,90, whilst the
accessories will range from €6,90-€27,90.

Check out Misc-Store for all your Midori STAR edition needs!

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Miscellaneous Store 4.3 6 STAR EDITION.
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