Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shoplet.com Review: Officemate Recycled Rotary Organizer & Dry Erase Clipboard Case

These office supplies were sent by Shoplet for review. These nifties are right up my alley because I like organizing my...er...many...pens and pencils, and papers! Thank you to Shoplet for this review opportunity.

 Officemate Recycled Rotary Organizer - $13.33 each

This recycled rotary organizer is quite self descriptive. It is a circular, black recycled plastic organizer with several stacked layers, with various sizes of cups and holders to hold miscellaneous office supplies - paper clips, erasers, pens, pencils, scissors, etc. 

  • Round organizer provides the most efficient means to store your supplies in one place.
  • Holds writing instruments, clips, notes, rulers, scissors, etc.
  • Easy supplies access at your fingertips.
Officemate Rotary Organizer
You can probably guess what I love about this already. Well... okay. I love that it helps me organize things. I love having things in compartments and all that. (No, I'm not OCD, why do you ask?) I love that it consists of recycled plastic! Sure, it's only 30%, but that's better than nothing. What's the point of everyone recycling if we never make use of all that recycled material, and if no one ever buys it? So good stuff, Officemate for making this handy organizer, and thanks to Shoplet for carrying it. Also cool? Officemate is a woman-owned business.  It's a sturdy, not hideous organizer, and it rotates which is cool.
Officemate Rotary Organizer
This organizer has everything - a place for sticky notes, a tape dispenser, and a bajillion little compartments.  I wish there were more pen compartments though, because that's what I have most of and that's what I need most storage for. Perhaps I am unusual here, and perhaps most people need more compartments for smaller things! But for me, more pen holders would be ideal.  

Officemate Portable Dry Erase Clipboard Case - $15.82 each

This portable dry erase clipboard case is like a mini, solid briefcase. The front has a clip, as well as a white dry erase board. The whole case opens up to reveal a briefcase-like inside, with compartments for your various office supplies.

  • Has so many functions, it can serve as a briefcase.
  • Dry erase board on cover for notes, diagrams, etc.
  • Large capacity for papers, forms, files and notepads.
I like the little organization bins inside the clipboard case and it's pretty cool to be able to carry my papers and pens and erasers around with me all at once. I like to use this for toting around letters and pens for replying to my pen pals. It's very handy and keeps all my letters together and I love it for organizing my junk.
Officemate Portable Dry Erase Clipboard
In concept, this portable clipboard case is pretty great. Overall, it's still pretty great, but each of its details aren't as exciting for me. The dry erase board is technically "behind" the clipboard and my writing rubbed off a few times after I placed a bunch of papers on top and wrote on them. Maybe I move my papers around too much. Furthermore, the surface is a little soft so I had a hard time writing sometimes. I was writing with ballpoints, which I use a lot of pressure with. I suspect this would not be an issue with fountain pens because generally, I use a lot less pressure when I'm writing with fountain pens. It's not the prettiest thing ever though. I don't like having to store a dry erase eraser in here either. It gets dirty. A special tidy compartment for that would be awesome.
Officemate Portable Dry Erase Clipboard Insides
I don't have anything like this though, so this is a quite unique item in my large collection of stationery items. It shall remain my handy dandy pen pal & letter writing organizer!

Full disclosure: These office supplies were sent for review by Shoplet. I was not paid to write this review, but I do get to keep these cool goodies!


mjcong said...

totally jealous about the white board clipboard.

Jackie Parkins said...

The rotary organizer would also be great for my craft supplies - at least some of them. I wish I had seen the clipboard case last week - I was looking for something just like this, but I found a zippered padfolio thingy at Ollie's. I may have to check out this one anyway.

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