Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review: Moleskine LEGO Pocket Ruled Notebook

HAHAHAHA! Finally! I have gotten my hands on a Moleskine LEGO notebook! I happened upon this little guy by chance. When I was visiting home, I had to go to Indigo because it's way nicer than any bookstore I've ever seen here (except maybe Book People which is pretty cool). I wasn't planning to buy anything (err...yes, I know, I always say that), but I saw two Moleskine LEGO notebooks with a 50% off sticker!! I picked the yellow one and took it home for $11.00. Not bad.
Moleskine Lego Notebook

Size: 3.5 x 5.5 inches
Color: Off-White
Ruling: Lined
Sheet Count: 96
Price: $16.95

Moleskine Lego Notebook
It's a classic Moleskine - hard cover, elastic, back pocket, ruled pages, etc, etc. But it's LEGO themed and has LEGO stickers in the back pocket. And since I'm a sucker for stickers, I love it even more than a regular Moleskine. I happen to like regular Moleskines because of their range of products. But this one... this one I really, really like!
Moleskine Lego Notebook
However. Unlike classic Moleskines, this Moleskine has a Lego brick in the cover. It's only half its usual height though! And the cover is adorned with little yellow dudes, because I picked the yellow brick! (I also wanted the green but a certain Debby Downer restrained me). The bookmark is bright yellow to match the LEGO! Super cute color scheme.
Moleskine Lego Notebook


The paper is the same as all Moleskine paper - doesn't take liquid ink pens, or fountain pens. Well, it does, but most inks feather and they show through and bleed through. If you don't care about the other side of the page, you can have a good time with your Moleskine and liquid inks! Most gel pens will be just fine, and ballpoints and pencils are totally safe.
Moleskine Lego Notebook Writing Sample
Moleskine Lego Notebook Writing Sample Back of Page
Despite the wet ink issues, I still enjoy using inks in my Moleskines. Why you ask? Because when the wet inks dry on the papers, the paper gets all crinkly and makes crinkly noises when you touch it and that's one of my favourite things ever. I love to touch it and press it and listen to the crinklecrinklecrinkle. 

  • Acid-free paper.
  • As usual with notebooks, my favorite part is when they come with stickers. There are two sheets of stickers in the back pocket. One contains little LEGO dudes, and the other a bunch of labels. Some of them are strange, but I love strange.
Moleskine Lego Notebook Stickers
Moleskine Lego Notebook Stickers
  • Limited use of paper.

Yes. This may just be nostalgic for a lot of us - I vividly recall playing with LEGO with my brother. In fact, I also transported some of his LEGO creations (ships) to him in Ottawa when I went for a visit...If you don't dislike Moleskines, and you like LEGO, I think it's a no brainer that a LEGO Moleskine would be perfect in your hands.

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Moleskine Lego Notebook LEGO TIME!


Mike Grove said...

Wow, I'm a Moleskine fan (though I'd agree that the paper is a bit thin), and I loved my Lego (more years ago that I'd care to remember!), so I'll be looking out for these locally.

Azizah Asgarali said...

I like Moleskines, I think they're cute, paper and all. I couldn't resist these. Wish I had gotten the green one too!! Phooey.

Jackie Parkins said...

That is one cute notebook. I don't have any moleskines, I have way too many other notebooks and journals that are yet to see ink!

Azizah Asgarali said...

I can relate! I really, really did not *need* this additional journal, but alas, here I am with it hehe. It was a decent price at least!

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