Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: Uni-Ball Vision Elite BLX Rollerball Pens

These Uni-Ball Vision Elite BLX rollerball pens were sent by Uni-Ball - I won them on their Facebook giveaway. Just my luck!
Uni-Ball Vision Elite BLX
Uni-Ball describes their rollerball pens: A roller delivers consistent, free-flowing writing. It has the feeling of a fountain pen, without the mess. Well, It certainly delivers in the smooth-flowing ink department. And honestly, it does remind me of a broad nib fountain pen! It does not replace a fountain pen though!

  • BLX colors - black ink infused with color allow you to differentiate yourself
  • Airplane safe - it's engineered to eliminate leaks due to changes in cabin pressure
  • uni-flow ink system™ - creates a steady flow of water-resistant ink and smooth, consistent color
  • Exclusive pigment-based ink - forms an indelible bond in paper, for intense coloration and document security
I have been a long time fan of Uni-Ball Vision Elite liquid ink rollerballs - lovely ink colors, really nicely designed bodies, and a lot of ink. The BLX series takes that nice body, and changes up the ink colors. Instead of just regular purple, it infuses black ink and makes it more of a black - eggplant purple color. I think it's a cool addition to the series. The colors seem practical at work as well.

The body is all hard plastic, aside from the metal clip. The plug on the end of the cap matches the ink color. There's no soft grip or anything but grip really isn't needed. This pen does not need to be tightly held to maintain uniform writing. It's well-weighted and the ink flows so smoothly that no pressure or effort is required when writing! The pearly white body is also very attractive. In the BLX series, the body is the same white, but the end is colored with a gradient of the ink color.
Uni-Ball Vision Elite BLX
The Uni-Ball Vision Elite BLX series is available in micro (0.5mm) and bold tips (0.8mm). I love the bold in this case because the ink is so intense and deep and it flows so wet and inky! It's delicious! Obviously, it does bleed through some papers, as it is a liquid ink pen. That's not a big deal though.
Uni-Ball Vision Elite BLX Writing Sample
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I've always been a fan of Uni-Ball pens, but I especially love the Vision series (especially this one). The Vision Elite BLX is a new twist on a classic, lovely, and practical pen. These Uni-Balls write incredibly well, the ink is resistant to water and alteration, and it won't leak on airplanes. Perfect for business, but also for anything else - note taking, doodling, writing letters, whatever you wish to use them for! I highly recommend these pens - and if you want more color choices, look at the Vision Elite series. Gorgeous choices there!


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