Monday, May 4, 2015

Review: @JetPens Chibi Mini Fountain Pen

A cute little fountain pen - it's worth a go!


Body Material: Plastic
Trim: Plastic
Length (capped): 11.4 cm
Length (uncapped nib-end): 9.3 cm
Length (posted): 13.6 cm
Barrel Diameter: 12 mm
Section Diameter: 10 mm
Nib material: Steel
Weight (all): 10 g
Weight (cap): 4 g
Weight (body): 6 g
Fill type: Cartridge/Converter
Price: $2.95USD
Where to buy: JetPens

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Simple and easy! Just a plastic sleeve.

Review @JetPens Chibi Mini Fountain Pen (2)
Chibi. This is a small pen. Not as small as other small plastic pens, like the Pilot Petit1. The JetPens Chibi is a light green clear plastic fountain pen - and it's all plastic. The back end is rounded and the finial is smooth and flat, joined to the plastic clip. The clip widens as it descends, then narrows a little. It says in a white print. The section is smooth plastic, tapering gradually towards the nib and ending in a thin lip before the nib. The cap has a clear inner sleeve - the kind I usually hate on clear pens but it blends in on this pen.
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The steel nib is fine with a single slit and a breather hole. It is marked with Iridium Point Germany and has some flourishes.
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Instead of using the included ink cartridge, I fit a Monteverde mini-converter into the pen (inked with Pilot Iroshizuku Chiku-Rin). The nib wrote right away. Even with extended use, there was no skipping, no hard starting, and it kept up well even with fast writing and long writing sessions - no drying out. It wasn't too wet either, so drying times were quick.

With pressure, there was a fair amount of line variation possible, and the feed kept up quite well. That was fun and surprising.
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As for how the nib felt: I found the nib scratchy and quite crisp. It was properly aligned and it didn't catch on the paper and tear it or anything, so it wasn't terrible - but it was scratchy. Having only used one, I don't know if the other Chibis have nibs like this. I didn't find it so unpleasant that I didn't like using it, but it was impossible to miss it. If you like smooth nibs, this one's not for you.


The Chibi is the kind of plastic I enjoy the feeling of in hand. The clip worries me a little - I have not broken it but I might one day, of course. There is a small lanyard hole in the clip that is convenient, especially given the size of the pen. The clip is springy, but I was pretty careful when playing around with it.

The pen felt fine in terms of its weight when unposted. It's obviously a small pen though, so for those with larger hands, it will probably be too small. The cap posted by friction and it was nice and secure. I preferred using the pen posted since it was a more comfortable length.
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The section is smooth plastic; I did not find it slippery, even with extended use. Since the pen is so light, I didn't find the small size of the section an issue.

I can see this pen not being a favorite for those with large hands, but it's still pretty usable when posted.
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This is a pretty cute fountain pen. At this price, it's great to get you to the $25 free shipping mark, it's a cute little gift, it's a decent pen to learn/experiment with, but the nib could use some smoothing. Even so, for $2.95, it's hard to complain, isn't it?


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