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Review: Pilot MR White Tiger Fountain Pen @PilotPenUK @CultPens

Review Pilot MR White Tiger Fountain Pen @PilotPenUK @CultPens (11)

Body Material: Metal/ABS plastic
Trim: Chrome
Length (capped): 138.3 mm/5.44''
Length (uncapped nib-end): 125.3 mm/4.93''
Length (posted): 151.4 mm/5.96''
Barrel Diameter: 8.1 - 10.0 mm/0.32'' - 0.39''
Section Diameter: 8.9 - 12.8 mm/0.35'' - 0.50 ''
Nib material: Steel
Weight (all): 24 g
Weight (cap): 10 g
Weight (body): 14 g
Fill type: International Standard Cartridge/Converter
Price: £22.50 (Excluding VAT: £18.75)
Where to buy: Cult Pens


Review Pilot MR White Tiger Fountain Pen @PilotPenUK @CultPens (1)
This is some nifty packaging for a pen at this price. The box is actually a black metal tin with a foam bed inside. The foam can be removed and the tin can be used as a stationery tin. The top has PILOT printed into it. Pretty cool.


Review Pilot MR White Tiger Fountain Pen @PilotPenUK @CultPens (2)
I've reviewed the gold Metropolitan before, which I already liked. This one... this one has all the great features I was already expecting, but then I saw it in person and was pretty excited. It's really gorgeous. The pen is round, tapering towards both ends. Both ends come to rounded points. I like the rounded shape - no harsh, blunt edges. The plain clip is attached internally. The chrome trim stands out against the white body.

I love the finish. The body is a glossy, pearlescent white with a silver tiger-striped middle band on the barrel. Honestly - so pretty.
Review Pilot MR White Tiger Fountain Pen @PilotPenUK @CultPens (7)
Then I uncap it. There is a metal ridge where the cap clicks on, followed by a tapering black plastic section. The section ends in a flared ridge before the nib. I don't think the section matches the soft shape and color of the body. Capped: gorgeous. Uncapped: stark contrast between section and the rest of it. I still like it though.


The steel medium nib has a single slit and breather hole. The nib is marked with Pilot, the nib size, Japan, and a pattern on the tines.
Review Pilot MR White Tiger Fountain Pen @PilotPenUK @CultPens (6)
The nib performed just as well as I expected it to - no flushing, just inking and writing. It wrote consistently with good ink flow. Drying times were pretty quick, which makes it great for pretty much everything! The pen was reliable and did not hard start or skip. It was pretty smooth and I enjoyed using it. With some pressure, a little line variation was possible.
Review Pilot MR White Tiger Fountain Pen @PilotPenUK @CultPens (12)
I've been really pleased with Pilot's nibs around this price (my other Metropolitan and the Kaküno), and this one was no different. I think it's great that these nibs work so well - if a new user is to write with them, something that does not need tinkering with is probably best.


The clip is nice, snug, and springy enough. It was easy enough to slide on to papers and into pouches.

The section was comfortable but I really disliked the sharp ridge from the section to the barrel. I tend to grip low so it wasn't really an issue, but it's quite sharp. This could be uncomfortable for those who grip higher or who have larger hands/
Review Pilot MR White Tiger Fountain Pen @PilotPenUK @CultPens (3)
Review Pilot MR White Tiger Fountain Pen @PilotPenUK @CultPens (4)
Review Pilot MR White Tiger Fountain Pen @PilotPenUK @CultPens (5)
Both unposted and posted, the pen was comfortable to use. The cap posted by friction, sitting deep and snug. It was well-balanced and not too heavy when posted. For longer writing sessions, I preferred using it unposted.
Review Pilot MR White Tiger Fountain Pen @PilotPenUK @CultPens (9)

Review Pilot MR White Tiger Fountain Pen @PilotPenUK @CultPens (8)

Review Pilot MR White Tiger Fountain Pen @PilotPenUK @CultPens (13)

Review Pilot MR White Tiger Fountain Pen @PilotPenUK @CultPens (10)
I like that the MR takes international standard cartridges/converters. I love the white tigether finish and the nib was great. Overall, I was pleased with the pen. I think these are great starter pens, gifts, or perfect for your own collection.

I received this item free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. There are no affiliate links in this review. This pen will be given away on Serious Nibbage!


anaximander70 said...

I really want to like the Metropolitan, but that giant step between the body and the section really gets to me.

Azizah Asgarali said...

I understand completely. At this price, I can deal with it, but if it were any more expensive, I couldn't. Bummer though - it's such a nice pen otherwise.

Gordon said...

I bought myself one of these from Massdrop recently - the American version, that takes proprietary Pilot cartridges, rather than international standard. I agree with you: it's a very pretty pen! I don't find the step-down a problem, and I love the way it writes - not to mention the killer price. Thanks for the review!

Jenn H. said...

This is one of the first fountain pens I bought for myself as I was re-entering the fountain pen world after a long absence. I loved it then, and still love it now. It's a solid value I think, and as you said Azizah, quite pretty.

mobalter said...

Oh, this one looks terrific on the darker skin of yours.
Why no photo of the closed box, as you mentioned its appearance?
The other thing. Does it accept two shorts/one long/standard converter?

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