Saturday, July 18, 2015

Serious Nibbage Part 34: Pilot MR White Tiger (GIVEAWAY) @PilotPenUK

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Check out my review.
Check out SBRE Brown's review (Pilot Metropolitan).
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Gordon said...

I already have a White Tiger Metropolitan, so please don't put me 'in the draw' for it - just wanted to thank you for the review, and to agree with you: the Metropolitan truly is a lovely pen, and this is a pretty attractive finish!

Rust said...

Most interesting experience on transport: double decker buses in London, filled with the most interesting mix of ethnicities and culture. I'm a people watcher and was amazed by the faces, the clothing, the languages, and the experience. The politeness factor overall far exceeded that of the US.

Interesting review!

miatapaul said...

One time on the New York Subway, six train, I had a person sitting next
to me, and he fell asleep. Not so strange, except he slumped over on my
shoulder and started drooling and snoring. Poor guy was exhausted so I let him sleep for several stops. Everyone on the train was laughing. He was very apologetic when I woke him for my stop. Funny how the city is so impersonal yet so close together at the same time.

Irina said...

I actually met my husband on public transport...true story.

Kenneth said...

Public transport

First Story
- years ago when I was a poor student. I was taking the bus home from Edinburgh to my parents home in paisley (loaded up with dirty washing) I got on the bus and as is my normal method of travel I got comfy and fell asleep. 3/4 of an hour later I woke up hoping to be nearly home and thinking of a proper home cooked meal. The bus had not even left the bus depot. Edinburgh bus depot at that time exited out a 2 lane passageway in a building - I found out a bus had broken down in one of the lanes, then another had broken down blocking the only exit. Took me 3 hours to get home.

Second Story
Same bus journey I just managed to grab the last bus one night (again fully loaded with dirty washing). 3 People and a the driver on the bus, I knew from past experience last bus was always a quick one as very few pickups / drop offs to slow down the bus. We were just about to leave Edinburgh passing the Ingliston show ground when I heard the driver swear - about 300 people were waiting at the bus stop - David Bowie had been playing a concert (I just checked date it was March 23rd 1990, I love the internet) and there was loads of fans wanting to get back to Glasgow. Our driver stopped the bus, and this is where he broke loads of rules he got 3 people to every pair of seats and got more standing in the aisle, then the 1st in the queue outside that he could not pack in, he gave him the number of the supervisor at Edinburgh bus station and told him to phone and gave him a message to get enough buses out to clear up the massive crown waiting to go home. Bus driver even asked if anyone needed to get off at the stop half way between Edinburgh and Glasgow - it would always really slow the bus down to go there as the road our from it was all up hill and buses don't accelerate well up hills - as no one wanted off we blasted past the service station where the stop was and we made it back in record time. Must have been about 80 people on that bus when it was designed for about 50.

Okay that was a long set of stories, I hope it cheered some of you up, and if there was anyone from the bus/concert back in 1990, HI - I was the one with the massive rucksack.

rmonster said...

When I was a kid, I used to take the public city bus to school, not the school bus. When it was just us junior high kids on the bus, the regular driver would play games with us. We'd hang from the bars (and we were still short enough that we wouldn't touch the ground) and he'd go around long curved roads fast and sharp enough so that we'd swing quite far to the side. Certainly fast enough that we wouldn't be able to stand without sliding. He'd also "sneeze". He'd wind up, and give us warning—"Ah....ahhhhhh-"—and then sneeze and slam on the brakes. We'd sail from the back of the bus to the front, or we'd try to time a jump to see what would happen if the bus stopped while we were in mid-air. Good guy. I think he got caught, because at some point he stopped doing it, even if we asked. At that time of the morning, there were no cars on those neighbourhood roads so I don't think it was particularly dangerous, but it was the most fun I've ever had on public transit.

Oh, and once, my friend pulled the cord to request a stop, but it didn't work. We were really close to the stop, so he shouted, "quick, pull your ding! Mine isn't working!" We were in our early teens, so that was probably the funniest thing that had ever been said in our lives to that point. I remember laughing until I choked.

Busses, man.

Julia van der Wyk said...

My neighborhood growing up was very hilly, and on occasion the busses would break down half way up, so we would have to walk up the hill from wherever that was in addition to the 30 minute walk from the bus stop.
Later on in life, I participated in endurance sports, I wonder if walking to and from the bus was my start.

Nina said...

When I was on my way home from high school on the Toronto subway, Puck, my best friend's dog, got on and sat by the door. I thought my friend would appear but no, Puck was riding the rails solo and he wasn't going home either but heading in the opposite direction. He rode the subway, sitting by the exit door for 4 stops then trotted off. In their seats the gray and exhausted passengers smiled as they watched him so no harm came to him. I realized later he was heading for the park directly outside his subway stop.

Pankaj said...

Drunk guy comes and sits next 2 me and starts throwing up everywhere,on everything including me

Pankaj said...

Drunk guy comes and sits next 2 me and starts throwing up everywhere,on everything including me

Alexander Aucott said...

Last year I was riding the Beijing subway and noticed a young girl looking concerned at a keyring she had just dropped. When I looked a bit closer at this round penguin shaped - 57 ml Quink bottle sized - keyring, I saw to my horror two tiny goldfish flapping around in not a lot of water as most of it had spilled out.
This did made me feel almost sick as I can't bare to see any animals suffering - apart from mosquitos of course.. they all need to die.
Luckily I had a small amount of water in a bottle in my bag, so we unscrewed the penguin head and topped it up. I just hoped the fish were on their way to a nice big luxurious aquarium and not due to live out the rest of their, numbered, days inside a plastic penguin.

B.H. said...

i had been victim of pickpocket many times.

Vanessa Z said...

I was once in a taxi that was held together with duct tape. There was a hole in the floor and I could see the road.

Pj said...

Drunk guy comes and sits next 2 me and starts throwing up everywhere,on everything including me

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