Monday, October 15, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: A Mish Mash

I need to stop naming Mailbox Goodies. I'm running out of ideas. So, here is a mish mash of things.

I received an email from Michael's about some coupon extravaganza - which I actually read to Kevin "MICHAEL'S IS HAVING A COUPON EXTRAVAGANZA WE HAVE TO GO!" Poor guy. There were some good coupons and I'm rather reasonable when we go to Michael's. Really, I am! Look how reasonable I was:
Michael's Goodies
Yessir. Grand total of $15.00. (Edit: I forgot that we also bought a set of ten silicone baking cups, which came to $5.00, so the items shown above were actually only $10.00!!) There are some kraft blank cards and envelopes, Toy Story stickers (they are truly cute), some K's Company Smash "washi" type tape, a Faber-Castell PITT artist brush pen on clearance ($0.99 baby!), and a Martha Stewart glue pad. Don't laugh at me - I have a lot of sparkles that need a glue pad for stamping... (you'll see in a future post)...

We also passed by The Container Store. I needed legitimate things like a toothbrush holder and a soap dish but then I realized they restocked their patterns of PeopleTowels and since Kevin put my last one in with a dark burgundy scarf in the wash, he said I should get a few more so I can stop looking so pathetic every time I look at my sad, discolored PeopleTowel. Two makes sense because now I can have one on the go, one in the wash, and one ready for use, or some combination of those options. I love my little towel - I use it for everything and I don't have to use paper towels or napkins. Awesome.
PeopleTowels - Container Store
Note: Did not end up getting toothbrush holder and soap dish.
Lastly, a long time ago, I won a Red Dingo QR Tag and I was sent a Facebook inbox message to the "Other" inbox so I didn't get it for a long time. Because I didn't know that stupid "Other' inbox existed. So I was worried it was too late to claim it but in the end, they let me have it so I got to pick a tag! I picked the pink paw because we already have a few tags and stuck to a paw theme - blue for the boys, pink for the girls. Aren't we original? Anyhoots, here it is!
Red Dingo QR Tag


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