Saturday, October 13, 2012

Office Set Up

Why hello! This post may bore some of you. I'll give you some background on it so you're not wondering if I'm insane or what. When I read blogs and reviews and such, I always wonder what everyone's "set up" is like - what their workspace looks like and how they store things. I'm sure lots of you out there wonder the same thing! Right?

I thought I would share a few little tidbits of my "office set up". It's not much of a set up nor much of a true workspace, but I'll add to it as things change!

First, my desk! Most important! I was spoiled with this totally awesome desk after we moved in to our first home! I absolutely adore it. I'm still turning into "mine" and giving it character... sometimes sad, painful character. Like when my Canon 7D violently fell on it, scuffed it up, then hit my foot/toe/floor...

There are pencil cups everywhere, as you can see. And the drawers hold scrap papers, active pen pal letters, sticky notes, and the bottom drawer containers things I'm saving for giveaways (though it's overflowing).
Desk and Pencil Cups
Desk and Pencil Cups
One of the cupboards in the desk has a pull out drawer on the bottom with a lined bottom. I love it for my inks! Of course, this ink picture is a little dated... *ahem* but let's just leave it as is, so I don't look crazy. 
Ink Drawer
My shelf is a little sad in this large almost empty room, but it's perfect for me! And for my cretins (the cats) to climb. I've got unused journals across the top. Um, yes, I have a lot of unused journals. The second and third shelf contains books. Used journals are stored in a locking drawer in the desk (just in case someone ever broke in...). The colored boxes contain stickers, fountain pen cleaning/adjustment parts (syringes/needles/silicone grease, etc). The bottom shelves have boxes that hold extras, which are sorted. One box contains pens/pencils, another contains office supplies such as paper clips and such, another box holds unused stationery.
This is my air freshener - I picked a cute little glass jar at The Container Store, filled it with some baking soda, and added a few drops of lavender essential oil. This amazing oil was purchased in Naramata, B.C, at the Forest Green Man lavender farm. Talk about dreamy! I love this air freshener because it doesn't use any weird stuff, it's easy to refill myself, and when I leave the room, I just cap it (so I don't become sensitized to the scent). So I pop the cap off when I'm in the office and it is fragrant and lovely. And soothing!
Air Freshener
Now you have a glimpse into my little living area when I'm working on reviews or taking pictures or just tweetin'.


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