Monday, October 15, 2012

Alexander Pen Co. in Canada!

A new PEN store has opened up in Ontario, Canada. Canadians, rejoice! Check out Alexander Pen Co.'s website. 

They carry Edison, Noodler's, and TWSBI fountain pens, J. Herbin and Noodler's bottled fountain pen ink, and Clairefontaine and Rhodia paper. Selection is still small, but not bad at all. I was easily able to find 5+ things I wanted (not that I'm the best judge of anything). And if they have what you want, you can get free shipping over $99 this week. So do yourself a favor and pick yourself up something nice, and show some support at the same time!

Win, win. Win. In the words of Michael Scott.

Why was this not around when I lived in Winnipeg? Le sigh.


Duncan said...

Thank you so much for the coverage! opening went very well. lots of people picked up the products they'd wanted for quite some time!

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