Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kuretake Brush Writers & Pentel Brush Pen Doodles

A looong time ago, I won a Lamy Joy Calligraphy fountain pen 1.1mm from JetPens. They also sent along two Kuretake Brush Writers - one in black and one in silver. They currently have similar brush writers though I suspect newer models - and they're on clear out! So I highly recommend you pick up a few!

After I first "reviewed" them, I wasn't sure how to use them so I kind of stuck them in a box for over a year. Guess what? They haven't dried out one bit. Super awesome. I also had a Pentel Metallic brush pen I had bought in undergrad so it's a good.... well. It's old. I don't want to give away my age here. I took these three brush writers and made some doodles with them!
Kuretake and Pentel Brush Writers
The utensils.
Brush Doodle - Bird Tail
I'm not very good at this, okay? I can hear you snickering.
Brush Doodle - Raven
Well. I thought this was a raven but now it kind of looks like a hideous baby bird.
Brush Doodle - Bird
I was just trying to mix up the colors.
Brush Doodles - Various
I actually rather like the hands here. They're eerie. The theme was jewelry.
Get Your Own!
Pentel Metallic Brush Pen - $7.90
Kuretake Brush Blendable Brush Writers - $7.00 at JetPens


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