Monday, October 22, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: Pens, Pictures, Stickers

This week I acquired a small variety of items, half of which are extremely awesome. The others are pretty fun. But not as extremely awesome. Here are the extremely awesome things:
BJW Wooden Pen
This super duper handmade wood ballpoint pen comes from Bonnie Jean at Lost & Found and Chance Pens. Bonnie and I had a little "pen pal" swap (though I got the better end of the deal!) and I am now the proud owner of this pen, with matching, absurdly adorable pen stand! Review to come so keep your eyeballs peeled!

I was also sent some of her own art work. Wow. It is just incredible what she can do with a pen. A huge thank you to Bonnie for this wonderful treat!
BJW Doodle
BJW Doodle
A little while ago, Shoplet and Zebra teamed up to give away Zebra ZMulsion pens so I signed up and got one! I was hoping for a pretty color, but I will settle for black.
Zebra ZMulsion
And some stickers.
Get Glue
Get Glue
Pretty cool schtuff up there.


mjcong said...

ya im ho hum about the zmulsion pen.. guess its cuz its black and fat?

Azizah Asgarali said...

Yeah... It has nice ink but it's such a huge tip too that it's not entirely useful for regular use..

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