Monday, October 22, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: Pens, Pictures, Stickers

This week I acquired a small variety of items, half of which are extremely awesome. The others are pretty fun. But not as extremely awesome. Here are the extremely awesome things:
BJW Wooden Pen
This super duper handmade wood ballpoint pen comes from Bonnie Jean at Lost & Found and Chance Pens. Bonnie and I had a little "pen pal" swap (though I got the better end of the deal!) and I am now the proud owner of this pen, with matching, absurdly adorable pen stand! Review to come so keep your eyeballs peeled!

I was also sent some of her own art work. Wow. It is just incredible what she can do with a pen. A huge thank you to Bonnie for this wonderful treat!
BJW Doodle
BJW Doodle
A little while ago, Shoplet and Zebra teamed up to give away Zebra ZMulsion pens so I signed up and got one! I was hoping for a pretty color, but I will settle for black.
Zebra ZMulsion
And some stickers.
Get Glue
Get Glue
Pretty cool schtuff up there.


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